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No matter which area of the world you live in, having contacts with lawyers is essential. Whether you are an individual entity or a company in UAE, various civil cases disrupt the smooth flow of your daily routine. In these cases, one must turn to the lawyers in Dubai for legal representation.


Any case can be twisted, and innocent people are getting drawn into corporate beef due to their lack of legal experience. In matters of family disputes, money fraud, and breach of contract, law firms in Dubai are willing to guide the clients and get them through the proper procedure to get out of legal trouble. Corporate companies are famous for making money out of suing employees or vice versa; this is a matter that cannot be solved without the help of qualified professionals or attorneys in Dubai.

Types of Court

There are three categories of courts in the UAE. The first is the Court of First Instance, the second is the Court of Appeal, and the third is the Federal Supreme Court. The first two are responsible for dealing with federal and local matters, but the last one deals with federal matters only.

What is a Civil Case in Dubai?  

A civil case refers to a case where there are two or more sides involved in a legal disagreement in Dubai. These disputes could range from any number of issues such as a conflict regarding a car accident, workers or employers in a dispute over financial issues, or even families not being happy with the services provided by a lawyer, an insurance company, or a doctor. Other cases may include matters of will, rental disputes, neighborly conflicts, or even copyright issues. In any case, without the help of lawyers in Dubai, things could get complicated.


The people involved in these cases are primarily unaware of the procedures to follow when they take their case to the law firms in Dubai. This is when advocates in Dubai step up and guide the clients to follow the proper channel to file their complaints or react to the complaint filed against them. The attorneys in Dubai would assist the clients in filing a complaint and give the due price of the payment allocated by the constitution. Anyone filing for this can also apply for formal pauperism if they do not have enough money to submit. If the appeal is approved, the fee in question is then waived off, and the plaintiff can easily file the petition.


How to File a Civil Case in the UAE?

Look for a Lawyer in Dubai.

To file a civil case in the federal court in Dubai, the party must first file a complaint with a judge. This copy of the complaint will then be transferred to the defendant filed by Lawyers in Dubai. To make sure the process is smooth and without any hindrances, one must contact law firms in Dubai and hire advocates in Dubai to handle the issue professionally.


With the help of attorneys in Dubai, the damage claimed would be mentioned in the statement of how and when the damage was caused. The statement also mentions the jurisdiction in which the court falls. The plaintiff can either take money as compensation or order some preventive measures and stop the parties from causing the damage in the future.


Decide the Jurisdiction 

In matters like these, it is essential to determine the court jurisdiction, which can be easily determined based on the defendant’s domicile. If the defendant is a resident of some other city, the law firms of Dubai would not be able to file a complaint. In case of absence or invalidity of the domicile, the lawyers in Dubai would determine the jurisdiction by where the defendant resides or works. In case the case was commercial, the plaintiff has the right to select the jurisdiction based on a few things such as:

  • The place where the defendant works or lives.
  • Place where the deal was broken or the damages were caused.
  • The place where the contract had initially taken place.
  • Place where the end of the contract must have taken place.


After the cases have been presented, there would be efforts to reconcile two parties by a settlement that can be either monetary or nonmonetary. It is in the interest of both parties to resolve things in the initial stages of the procedure as it saves a lot of energy and time, not to mention the cost. Most attorneys in Dubai may not charge you for the initial guidance, which may be a cost-productive way to get out of your troubles. It is always economical to make an out-of-the-court settlement, however, if a resolution is not possible.


The many areas of life where a settlement can work out are disputes related to unpaid rent, unpaid salaries, money not paid for services obtained, debt recovery, family misunderstandings, and land disputes.

The Courthouse

If a matter is not resolved despite all efforts, the case is taken to the court of the first instance. The plaintiff is required to submit the necessary documents, as directed by lawyers in Dubai. And the documents required would depend on the case, and in most cases, the plaintiff needs to pay the court a predetermined fee. After this procedure, the date and place of the hearing are issued.

The Hearing

The defendant has submitted their proof by this time, including receipts, bank statements, contracts, or other documents. Different factors are taken into consideration when the judge hears the case. One of the parties may have submitted insufficient evidence resulting in a delay or a ruling. Sometimes, the party does not even show up, forcing the judge to take matters into his hand and ruling. In many cases, the parties are not content with the judge’s ruling, in which case the matter could be challenged with the help of attorneys in Dubai representing the defendant.

In such cases, an appeal is issued, and either new evidence is brought to light, or the court delays the ruling to another date helping the advocates in Dubai to prepare a better case.

In most cases, the delay is due to false testimony, perjured evidence, falsified documents, and fabricated data. Law firms in Dubai are willing to extend their services to anyone in Dubai or the adjacent area to come forward and approach us for their civil legal matters. As is evident, this is not a matter that should be dealt with without the presence of an advocate in Dubai who has the necessary experience and the know-how of the region and the culture of the local courts.

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