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Category: lawyers in oman

18 May

Bankruptcy Law When an individual is in serious debt and is not able to repay loans and credit card bills, they file for bankruptcy to reduce or eliminate their debt. There are two most common types of bankruptcy known as chapter 7 and chapter 13 of bankruptcy • Chapter 7 • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Chapter […]

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18 May

Choosing a lawyer is just like choosing any other service or product. It is a best practice to do some thorough research before choosing a lawyer/ attorney. Sometimes whether a person loses or wins the legal battle entirely depends on his/her lawyer as much as it depends on the law and the facts of the […]

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18 May

Legal Services in Oman Oman is a member state of the GCC. With a GDP of over 80 billion USD, it is considered a strategically important part of the GCC. Its geographical presence also makes it one of the important states in GCC. Lawyers from top law firms practice law to provide legal services in […]

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