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09 July

How to file bankruptcy Bankruptcy is the red alarm that makes space for debtors to devise a payoff plan. The list of individuals who have seen bankruptcy once in their life goes down from venture capitalists to startup owners. One may lose significant assets and even family home is at stake after being bankrupt. Speaking […]

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07 July

Terminate Employees in the UAE Termination is the process of concluding the professional terms between the company and employer. The terminated individuals are no longer connected to the company when their service tenure ends. Long-term serving employees face complications in making their financial condition stable after being terminated. UAE employers provide relative ease subjected to […]

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04 July

Introduction to Commercial Debt Venture capitalists face bad debts most of the time due to the ever-increasing cost of business. Either they lend money from others or provide financial assistance on the terms that they will be getting their money back after a specific period of time. The delay in debt payments calls for legal […]

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