Change My Visa Status – A Worrisome Thought, An Easy Procedure


Change my visa status | change my non-immigrant status | change name on visa. Due to the prevailing pandemic, many people who were visiting the U.A.E temporarily need to change their visa status. When I write this article to change my visa status, I speak for many people across U.A.E who are facing the same issues as me.

Change My Visa Status – A Need Of Time 

Change my visa status had me worried for so long, but thanks to the excellent guidance that has been provided to me, I have successfully managed my visa status. In this article, I will review visa problems that people are facing in the current circumstance and their possible solutions.

Many people have not been able to return to their homelands, have lost their jobs, and need a new job visa without exit. This article helped me cope with most of the obstacles that came my way.

To all problems that have been mentioned above inside the country, a visa option has been given. This applies to all individuals who need to extend their visa without exiting the premises of the U.A.E. This status helped me prolong my stay in Dubai. for information, updates and promotions, please like our Facebook Page and Follow Us on Twitter

How I Did It?

It was an easy process as I did it online while sitting at home and having a cup of coffee! As per requirement, I selected the visa option, emailed a copy of my passport, and attached a copy of my former visa.

While changing it, I had many options to go along with. Firstly, there was an option for a 30-day extension visa which cost about 1200 AED. Secondly, there was an option for inside country visa change without exiting Dubai. It cost about 1550 AED. This extended visa is for about 90 days.

While changing my visa status, I made sure I had all the necessary documentation. For instance, in the second option, and photographs and passport, a cancellation paper copy was also needed.

The third option I came across while changing my visa status was inside country visa change without exit for the tourists and on arrival nationalities. It also cost about 1550 AED. This extension is applied only for 90 days. In this case, an entry stamp copy or a former passport is needed.

Taking Care Of Matters Online

Due to the prevalence of Covid-19, changing my visa status had become relatively easy due to the online setup where I just had to apply by uploading all the necessary documentation.

Change My Non-Immigrant Status

change my nonimmigrant status involved being shifted from a non-immigrant to an immigrant. If you are on a tourist visa, Dubai offers leniency and cooperates with you while changing your visa status. A change in visa status is possible only once an individual is inside U.A.E. for further information about immigration lawyers visit our page

A status change is completed after the visit visa has expired. This avoids any incurring fines. If an individual has all the documents, the visa status can be changed. The applicant must possess his entry permit and residence visa in Dubai. A checklist of documents for changing my non-immigrant status is given as follows.


1) Sponsor’s Emirates ID

2) Passport of Applicant, minimum validity for about six months

3) An approved E-Visa copy

4) A copy of visit visa/ old tourist visa or cancellation papers

5) A copy of the arrival stamp or file number for arrival visa holders a copy of arrival stamp or file number.

Change Name On Visa

Sometimes there are spelling mistakes in the Visa process. Other times, married girls want to change their surnames. Sometimes parents want a new name for their child to be on the visa. The authorities can meet all the demands in U.A.E.

For the name-changing process on a visa, one must apply to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs. However, if there are other states, one must apply to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. Each time a mandatory fee should be paid by the applicant.

Final Remarks

If anyone needs help with changing their status of visa, all the help is provided by our associates working in Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and other emirates of UAE. Seeking help at the right time may avert many problems timely.