Court Marriage Advocate-Marriage Law in the U.A.E.

According to U.A.E. law, marriage is the only legal bond between a man and a woman to form a family or relationship. Sharia Law is applied as a marriage contract in Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates of UAE. It protects the rights of the couple and their children. Hire the best court marriage lawyers today at gulf advocates.

Court marriage advocates in Dubai provide impost for the suitability, help for marriage license application process, marriage certificate authentication, and more.

Court Marriage in the U.A.E

Muslims who want to get married in Dubai or any state of Emirates can follow Sharia Law, and their marriage has to be registered in Sharia court in U.A.E. But people from other religions and nationalities may have to follow a different process. Court marriage advocates can explain to foreigners and nationals about legal aspects of marriage in the U.A.E. Join our social media to stay updated.

Furthermore, foreigners are obliged to convert to Islam before marriage. Court marriage solicitors gives legal advice and help in this complicated and tedious process.

Court marriage in Dubai is possible for Dubai residents, irrespective of their backgrounds, nationalities, and religion. The official entity responsible for the issuance of marriage certificates in the Emirate is the Dubai Court’s Marriage Section. Court Marriage solicitors are leading experts when it comes to marriage in U.A.E. with following all legal regulations.

Lawyers for Court Marriage-Leading experts in Dubai

Court marriage in Dubai is a complex and monotonous process so clients always need legal advice and guidance. Lawyers for court marriage are throughout the country, working as the best leading experts in dealing with marital affairs. Court marriage lawyer works hard in providing couples who wish to undergo marriage in Dubai on a visit visa or register marriage in Dubai.

Court marriage lawyer does their best in providing peace of mind to clients from knowing that they are successfully wed with little to no hassle on their end. Court marriage advocate works diligently in making sure that relationship status is changed and updated with government authorities.

Responsibilities of Lawyer for Court Marriage

According to the relevant law, the responsibilities of a court marriage lawyer are to guide couples to the best and legal way of marriage. Requirements that are needed, steps, and arrangement of court marriage is the responsibility of court marriage advocate.


It is also involved in the responsibility of the Court marriage lawyer to arrange witnesses of marriage from both sides (bride and groom). The marriage lawyer defines all the necessary documents to the couples; it is his responsibility to guide them with the legalities and step-by-step procedure.

The last responsibility of the Court Marriage lawyer after marriage is to get the relevant documents from the couple and apply for the computerized marriage certificate so the marriage gets registered and can’t be challenged in any circumstances.

Services offered by Court Marriage Advocate in Dubai

Guidance: Court marriage lawyer can guide the procedures and rules specific to the situation in the right direction. For example, the marriage process is different for non-Muslims and Muslims. Similarly, the law for Muslim women marrying non-Muslim men differs from Muslim men marrying non-Muslim women.

Documentation: Getting married in Dubai comes with lots of paperwork. Hence, court marriage lawyers help their clients enjoy marriage festivities by taking care of ordinary tasks, like preparing and filing documents for marriage registration. 

Postnuptial Agreement:

Prenuptial agreements are not legal in U.A.E. But the couple is allowed to enter into a postnuptial agreement any time after their marriage. Court marriage lawyers can help you negotiate and draft the agreement.

Final Remarks 

A court marriage lawyers offer his services when a marriage has to be legalized in the documentation and various other registrations. This saves a lot of time for the people getting married to enjoy the most beautiful beginning of a new journey.

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