Family Solicitors Near Me- Keeping Families Intact


Family laws in U.A.E. are given much importance, and it is seen that a family solicitor is there to supervise should the matters get out of control. Family law involves divorce contracts, separation agreements, property regimes, postnuptial agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, adoption, and other family disputes.

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Family Solicitors Near Me- Implementing Family Law

The family solicitors have thorough knowledge about the family laws and their implementation in society. Federal Law No. 28 is also known as the Personal Status Law. This law is responsible for governing marriages, divorces, child custody cases, and guardianship within the U.A.E.

It is the responsibility of family solicitors to abide by the rules and regulations of their state that are purely based on Shariah Law. The Shariah Law is the interpretation of the Quran, the sunnah of the Prophet, and Imam Malik’s principles.

Family Law Solicitors Near Me- Taking Care Of Family Finances

In cases of divorce, a family solicitor makes sure that the assets remain in the owner’s name. The court is responsible for dividing joint assets, for example, the shares, and bank accounts.

If there is a dispute about the division of assets among the husband and wife, the court’s dispute section files them, and a family solicitor takes care of them. Here, a civil procedure code is followed.

The family solicitors try their best to convince a couple into entering an agreement about the division of their property. However, this is only limited to the assets that are present in the U.A.E.

If the properties lie outside the region of the U.A.E., special permission is sought by the lawyer to apply the foreign laws and settle the matter.

The family solicitors can also forward the same case to the court in that particular foreign country where the assets are located so that a local court decides what to do with them under their law.

There is no spousal support on separation under Sharia and U.A.E. law. There is no provision for the sharing of assets, wealth, or income on divorce.

Family Solicitors Near Me- Making Sure Justice Is Done

A family solicitor doesn’t permit a father to claim any maintenance from his former wife even if he has the right to custodianship. The father, as a guardian, is responsible for all the education and living expenses of the child.

All payments are assessed by a solicitor and are limited to 30% of the father’s total salary. As per his own choice, a father can pay more.

Rights Of The Wife 

During three months following the divorce, the wife Is to be supported by the husband. During Idda, a girl cannot marry anyone because the paternity of a child needs to be made sure of by the family laws expert.

The woman has the right to claim compensation for all those times her husband couldn’t provide her with maintenance under Article 67, Personal Law Status.

A family lawyer can issue a personal status guidance chart that evaluates the payments based on the salary of the father and the children’s number.

The family laws expert makes sure Nafaqa is paid before a divorce is finalized and a case is being prolonged in the court. More often than not, this maintenance amount is the quiet minimum for the mother and the child.

As per the order of the wife and the

family solicitor’s guidance, this amount can be enhanced.

Final Remarks

The family lawyers of U.A.E. try their best to give maintenance amounts to a woman and her children. Side by side, they make sure that the children are well cared for and are not left unattended at any cost. For updates and promotions please like our social media channels Facebook & Twitter