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Making Additions In Legislature

On September 27, 2015, the Ministry of Labor introduced three decrees applied at the beginning of next year, 2016. To ensure clarity and transparency in contract laws, labour law attorney offered a great deal of protection to the employees.


The labour law attorney did this to establish and promote a flexible and comfortable environment for employees. The three decrees that were issued were mainly related to the termination of a job, offer letters, employment contracts, and some labor-related bans.


Drafting Offer Letters

The employment contract stated that both the employer and the employee sign the employment offer letter. A labour law attorney makes sure it confines with the Standard Employment contract.

After this has been done, work permit and residency visas are issued.


The same rules and regulations apply when a U.A.E resident is trying to switch jobs or employers. The labour law attorney ensures that the terms of the offer match the standard employment contract.


The terms and conditions, once set, cannot be changed either by the employer or employee unless they are more suitable to the employee. The labour lawyer emphasizes this to prevent any future misunderstandings between the employer and the employee.


Termination Laws Being Formulated By Labour Law Experts 

Termination of employment is regarded as a sensitive as well as a complex issue by the labour law attorneys. Not many amendments have been made to this law except that the notice period should be a minimum of one month and a maximum of three months.


If it is a fixed-term contract, the contract expires after the stated time limit. However, early termination can be allowed if both parties agree to it. The labour law expert advises his clients to inform the employer at least one to three months before leaving the job.


During the period notice for leaving the job has been issued, the employee must abide by their obligations within that time frame. A lawyer also guides the employee/employer to pay the compensation that has been agreed upon.

Sometimes this amount is mentioned in the offer letter or the standard employment contract by the labour law attorney. The compensation needs to be paid for up to at least three months.


The purpose of doing this so is to prevent any lawsuits and getting sued. As both the employer and the employee are well aware of their duties and obligations, a labour law attorney should make them settle as per the conditions of the offer letter.


Conditions for New Work Permits Issued By Labour Law Experts


New work permits have to be issued under certain circumstances by the labour lawyer.

  1. The contract has reached its termination date without being renewed.
  2. Both parties agree to finish employment.
  3. Either the employer or the employee terminated the job after the initial contract has expired.
  4. The employer has not been successful in fulfilling his/her legal obligations. This also includes failing to pay salary for straight two months
  5. The employer decides to wrap up his/her business.


Final Remarks Regarding Labour Laws In U.A.E

A labour lawyer and his services are essential in the employment sector as they maintain a smooth-running working environment where each party rests assured of their rights when signing the contract.

Having employment laws govern job rules prevent any disputes between the employer and employees over unnecessary matters.

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