Alves Pinto & Borges Advogados, Attorneys at Law

Alves Pinto & Borges Advogados, Attorneys at Law

Alves Pinto & Borges Advogados, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, help Brazilian and international companies conduct business in the country. The firm helps clients with real estate transactions, commercial transactions, contracts, taxes, intellectual property, bankruptcy, international law, family law, and employment lawyers.

Since 1998, the lawyers at Alves Pinto & Borges Advogados, Attorneys have been helping foreign clients understand the laws of Brazil. They guide clients through the legal process, explaining differences in Brazilian law versus other countries. They help companies and individuals know their rights and protect them, and work to solve clients’ problems and concerns.

Alves Pinto & Borges Advogados focus on collaborating and negotiating for successful dispute resolution. When litigation is necessary, however, the legal team is skilled and experienced in courtroom procedures. They identify possible conflicts and deploy sound strategies so that their clients’ rights are protected. With innovation and sound legal practices, We strive to secure successful outcomes and achieve each client’s goals.

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