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Corporate law is the set of rules and regulations which govern commercial dealing in a jurisdiction. Corporate lawyers and Law Firms provide commercial law services in Dubai. Finance, governance, and the power of corporations are regulated by Corporate Law Dubai. The corporate sector is the prime of any economy. An operational company deals with a lot of matters during its operation; which include registration, patent, copyrights, lease, shares, commodities, and transfer.

UAE Corporate Law

The UAE has 7 emirates; each emirate has its own basic corporate laws. Those who want to open their companies in Dubai or any emirate have to follow the UAE commercial law as well as the laws applicable at each emirate. Free zones belonging to each emirate have a set of laws that are mandatory to be followed by foreign investors opening companies in UAE.

The Corporate Law of Dubai is in-line with the vision of its leadership and is according to international standards. Many commercial law firms in Dubai specialize in Corporate Law Dubai and are becoming actively engaged to incorporate activities in Dubai. People who want to start their business in Dubai should seek legal guidance from professional corporate lawyers in Dubai to know the rules and regulations pertaining to the economy. The basic requirement for all business activities in Dubai is License, and the types of License are:

  • Professional:

Covering services offered by professionals, craftsmen, artists.

  • Commercial:

Covering all commercial and trading activities which are intended to make a profit.

  • Industrial:

Covers all industrial and manufacturing activities.

  • Tourism:

Covering all activities related to hospitality and tourism.

In Dubai a company can be formed in the following 3 jurisdictions:

  • Mainland
  • Free Zone
  • Off Shore

Formation of Company in Main Land

In the mainland, a license is issued by the Department of Economic Development of the emirate of Dubai. Free zone authority offers license in Free zone jurisdiction whereas offshore Authority of Dubai issues license in an offshore jurisdiction. The license of certain types of business needs special approval from concerned ministries or authorities. According to the UAE and Dubai corporate law. There are the following categories of business organizations:

  • Joint Venture Company
  • General Partnership Company
  • Private joint-stock company
  • Public joint-stock company
  • Limited liability company
  • Partnerships (which is permitted only to UAE citizens)

Our associate commercial Lawyers have extensive knowledge of commercial and corporate laws and are fully capable of structuring and restructuring companies and organizations in Dubai. They also help corporate clients to establish their presence in the market.

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Besides registration of companies our associate corporate lawyers in Dubai also advise on documentation of all drafts, agreements, and bylaws and setting up new businesses, and on all matters of restructuring corporate and corporate governance. They also draft and expertly review corporate governance documentation such as Ethics policy, codes of conduct, disclosure controls, and advance notice to shareholders and boards of directors, insider trading guidelines, providing legal opinions, and related party transactions. Our Corporate lawyer’s practice covers the following sectors:

  • Banking and investment banking
  • Insurance & Re-Insurance Sector
  • Construction & Property Development
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Information Technology
  • Energy Sector
  • Telecommunications
  • Healthcare

Our corporate lawyers in Dubai handle cases that involve negotiation settlements, restructuring agreements, bankruptcy, liquidation, and proceeding insolvency. They also advise on strategic alliances, joint ventures, and many other models of corporate relationships.

Our associate law firm Corporate Lawyers services include:

  • Advising on local laws:

Which includes UAE commercial company law, Dubai corporate Law, management and board structure, liabilities, and rights of director of the company?

  • Advising on legislative or regulatory changes that affect liability and corporate governance.
  • Advising on all forms of company structuring and incorporation

This also includes the management of share capital according to the prevailing law and advising on shareholder’s disputes and termination of the agreement between shareholders.

Expert corporate advocates in Dubai from our associate law firm also give advice to our clients on matters of acquisition and merge the company’s reorganization and restructuring. They have the ability to handle complex and cross border legal disputes effectively and promptly.

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Our expert corporate lawyers are well versed in handling all contractual matters related to structuring joint ventures and corporate alliances, and help clients in drafting the joint venture agreement guaranteeing that all objectives are verified and all ambiguities are cleared between the client and the other party. They also handle cases that include liquidation of corporate and insolvency issues professionally. Our commercial lawyers in Dubai have proven expertise in assisting corporate owners and businesses in financial distress.

Best Corporate lawyers in Dubai UAE

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