Costa Law is a full-service law office Toronto that has earned a reputation for its creative and result-driven approach to the law. Costa Law was founded by David Costa and has expanded over the years to become what it is today – a well-established and respected firm.

Our law firm marketing agency focuses on providing up to date website support. Our attorneys have the necessary knowledge, skill, and determination to achieve the results that our clients deserve. We have extensive experience arguing before all levels of provincial and federal courts and have a deep understanding of the complexities of both procedural and substantive law. Our lawyers strive for optimal results and keep stay current with provincial and federal law. Our law office strives to provide excellent service, and are dedicated to providing the highest quality of legal services at an affordable price.

Criminal Defence Litigation in Toronto

At Costa Law Firm – A criminal law firm in Toronto,  we strive to use our skills and experience to secure ideal results in the field of criminal defense litigation. Our criminal lawyers have built a reputation for their skill and determination in defending our clients.

Each member of our team draws from their unique experiences and talents to help our clients achieve a positive outcome. Our creative approach and dedication to our clients have allowed our success to grow significantly throughout the years.

Criminal Lawyers with Experience

Our criminal law team has enjoyed success at many levels of the court system including the Ontario Court of Justice, Ontario Superior Court of Justice, and Ontario Court of Appeals. Our team has successfully argued Charter motions, Interlocutory motions, and complex issues such as search and seizures, and warrants at some of the highest courts in the country. Over the years our lawyers have helped shape Charter law and its interpretation. We understand the complexities of criminal litigation, and always stay up to date with the current laws and procedures in order to deliver excellent results.

Criminal Litigation

Criminal law is the body of law that helps regulate social conduct. It addresses the fit punishment for threatening and harmful behavior, which endangers the health, safety, and moral welfare of others. The two main elements of this body of law involve the actus reus – or the prohibited act, and the men’s rea – or the guilty mind, also referred to as the intent to do a prohibited act. Some crimes, such as modern regulatory offenses, require no more than a prohibited act.

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