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CRA Timor Services and Experience

Under the supervision of our founding partners, CRA Timor offers full-service legal advice on Timor-Leste to public and private, national, and international corporations. The professional services we offer also include translation services, representation, and domiciliation services of foreign investors.

we are able to work with its clients in all fields of activity and at all stages of their corporate existence, i.e. incorporation, establishment, and the development of its business activities. For established corporations, we advise on all legal aspects of developing and implementing successful businesses.

CRA Timor offers a wide range of high-level services to a high profile portfolio of Local and International Clients, which includes from the major Oil & Gas companies to major companies in diversified areas such as Telecommunications, infrastructures, Construction, Insurance, Banking, Real Estate as well as Embassies and Public Bodies.

Benefits of Hiring CRA Timor

Getting consultancy for legal advisors is always worth it. They will assist you in dealing with the legal matters associated with the issues. Experienced lawyers are well aware of the local legislation thus they will assist you in the best possible way.

Affiliation | Gulf Advocates

CRA Timor have been registered with Gulf advocates. This law firm have best Advocates in Timor-Leste  and is providing the best services to its client across Timor-Leste. This law firm has expertise in handling the mentioned legal issues

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