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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai Claimed

We Help to Find Criminal Lawyers in Dubai

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The criminal law system is complicated and confusing for the person who has no or less knowledge about laws, especially for people who do not understand the Dubai and Abu Dhabi criminal laws and the situations they are dealing with. Therefore, people hire criminal lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE to fulfill many vital roles during the whole process of a criminal case.

It is the responsibility of criminal lawyers in Dubai, UAE to defend a person who is charged with a crime. Criminal lawyers speak on behalf of their clients. In UAE criminal defense lawyers can be connected directly by the client/defendant or the court may assign the lawyer to the defendant. Many criminal lawyers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi UAE work as public defenders and these lawyers are appointed by Trial courts, Courts of appeal, and the Court of cessation.

Dubai Criminal Law

The UAE judicial system is not entirely based on Islamic Sharia, but several elements of Islamic sharia are used. Criminal lawyers deal with cases like murder, armed assault, fraud, breach of contract, drug trafficking, illegal/ wrong possession, human rights violation complaints, violent crimes, sexual abuse, theft, fraud, International Tax evasion cases, rehabilitation cases, etc.

Tasks performed by criminal lawyers in UAE:

Criminal lawyers in Dubai, UAE are responsible for following a few mandatory tasks to get a complete understanding of their cases and to defend their clients properly in courts as per Dubai criminal law:

  • Investigation of the case
  • Producing search warrant if necessary
  • Interrogation of witnesses and preparing arrest complaints if necessary
  • Analysis of Evidence
  • Allegation or indictment
  • Plea bargaining or work for bail
  • Trials participation
  • Sentencing (Criminal Defense Lawyers can represent the defendant when they are convicted by the judge/jury and are also responsible for convincing the judge to limit the time that the defendant serves)

It is also the responsibility of lawyers to give the best legal advice based on the client’s case as per Dubai criminal law. Lawyers take full responsibility for defending their clients, stand with them in courts during the trial, and think about the best possible solution of the case for their clients. Lawyers should have confidence in their case. When it comes to hiring the best lawyers I UAE, certain factors should be taken into consideration:

Lawyer’s Reputation

A good criminal defense lawyer will be well known in the community for his/her reputation. It is necessary to have a good reputable criminal lawyer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE as they help clients in handling the case effectively. A reputable lawyer handles difficult and high-profile cases successfully and has a high win ratio. In UAE a person can easily find about lawyer’s reputation by asking the lawyers community or by the reviews they get as there are many websites for professional lawyers offering their services online to their clients.

Experience of the lawyer

When it comes to the quest of finding an expert criminal lawyer in Dubai it is mandatory that they are experienced in Dubai criminal law, because experience matters the most when your life is at risk. Expert lawyers handle the case with ease and they will give the best legal advice through their experience. A Law firm in the UAE helps people who are in search of expert lawyers for their defense. Expert criminal lawyers in Dubai while handling different cases develop a sense of judgment and become more persuasive and know how to make the case stronger with arguments and facts.

Research Skills

The lawyer should have good investigation skills. Research skill is very important as it is often a tiny detail that may be unnoticed can make the case or break it. It is the responsibility of a lawyer to spend time searching for the details in cases and collect necessary information for the sake of their clients. Similarly, the ability to research quickly and effectively is also essential for the understanding of the case. An expert defense lawyer knows where and how to search for the information that will help him/her in a successful trial or win the case.

Analytical Skills

Apart from the hard work, the lawyer should have analytical skills to correctly analyze the information he collected. He should have a sharp mind and good decision-making skills to argue in the courtroom. At times there is more than one precedent to resolve a situation so a lawyer must have evaluative skills to help him choose the best suitable for his client.

Top criminal lawyers in Dubai

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Civil Lawyers in Dubai


Best civil lawyers and Law firms providing legal consultation services in Dubai UAE. UAE is one of the most important financial and business hubs in Gulf countries as well as in the world. Investors and businesses from all over the world consider Dubai as the safest place to invest their capital. Every year hundreds of people come to UAE for business and job purposes. UAE is one of the biggest oil-producing states in the world. Therefore, it boosts the UAE economy.

The judicial system of the UAE is very efficient that encourages investors to invest in the economy.  Thanks to the lawyers and law firms who are operating in Dubai to deliver legal services in the best possible manner. lawyers and law firms practice law in different legal areas like civil law, banking law, criminal law, family law, and corporate law in Dubai.

Civil lawyers in Dubai

The judicial system of the UAE is in safe hands and it is the responsibility to enforce laws and rules strictly in the country. Civil law in Dubai determines the rights and obligations of the individuals in the state. It is compulsory for both local and expatriates to follow law. Anyone find involve in an illegal affair or breeches law should be punished as in accordance with UAE law

The civil law of Dubai deals with commercial , corporate, fraud, intellectual property rights, and property disputes. Furthermore, it also takes into account violence, bribery, domestic disputes, compensation, unpaid liabilities, and real estate disputes.

Commercial Dispute Lawyers

commercial disputes are related to business affairs and litigation. Civil law Dubai determines laws and rules for a commercial organization to resolve disputes peacefully. Experienced civil lawyers who are working for decades in the UAE and understand the law can be assisted for legal help in commercial disputes.


Fraud is an illegal act committed by an individual or organization to gain personal interests in an illegal manner. Involving in fraud whether it’s financial or any kind of illegal activity is a crime in Dubai UAE. Civil lawyers in Dubai provide legal consultation to the victims of fraud and argue in the courtroom to get the legal rights of their clients.

Real Estate Disputes

Real estate is one of the major markets in Dubai. As it plays a major role in the state economy there are also major issues of real estate in the market. Such as rental disputes, property disputes, and estate planning issues. So, it is a wise decision to consult a civil lawyer in Dubai who is experienced and has in-depth knowledge of property law UAE.

A good civil lawyer will provide good guidance about property law and present your case in court. Our associated civil lawyers have resolved hundreds of real estate disputes and have a good success ratio.


Our associate civil lawyers provide compensation services in Dubai. Victims of any kind of accident in Dubai can call for a legal right for property, personal damage as a result of an accident.  Law firms and lawyers who are dealing with cases of personal injury, property damage, and road accidents will assist you in your case.

Our Civil Law Services

Our associated civil lawyers in Dubai are working for decades in the UAE. A team of professionals and legal experts in Dubai who are dedicated to getting their client’s interests in the best possible way. While,  it is our associated lawyer’s prime responsibility to provide the best possible solution. On the other hand, they are keen on the supremacy of law.

Covering all the areas of civil law like litigation, arbitration, domestic abuse cases, and intellectual property disputes. our associated lawyers take necessary safeguards and do proper research before going for a case.