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Debt Collection Agency Bahrain


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Originally established a couple of years by two veterans of the debt collection agency in Bahrain and in the MENA region, today we run one of the most trusted services around. Between the two partners, we have over 30 years of experience and having recovered debts from almost every type of business and individual. We’ve also been responsible for skip tracing as well as proceeding with successful litigation.

A growing team of experts

One of the reasons why we are more effective and efficient than most other debt collection agencies in Bahrain is because we have a growing team of experienced professionals who connect debtors with the right collection agency. Our network consists of agencies that have collected on debts from as far as Africa, Pakistan and India. Many of our team members can speak multiple languages and have the capacity to understand every individual’s needs. We are also familiar with using psychological tactics which ensures much swifter debt recovery.

Our clients

Our wide range of clients include nurseries, small stores, large wholesalers, funeral homes, individuals, and even stay at home moms. Our motto has always been that there is no loan that is hard for us to help you recover. As a matter of fact, we also boast of having a couple of bluechip businesses as our clients too. That said everyone receives our attention and our goal is to close every case as soon as possible.

Every city across the MENA region

We can work with clients in every city across the MENA region. This means that regardless of where you are or where your debtor may be located we can still help you. Our growing team of experts can ensure that getting the help you need is possible, regardless of how impossible it may seem to you.

Licensed collection agents

There are many businesses offering debt collection agencies in Bahrain. However, we connect you to only fully licensed and professional debt collection agencies with experience. This means that the methods we use will not in any way tarnish your image, yet be every bit as effective. In addition, you have nothing to lose by hiring us because we never charge you upfront. All we require is a brief chat about your case prior to getting the right agency on your case.

If you have a bad debt that needs to be collected or if you have any questions, contact us today for a free consultation.


Every aspect of our organization is handled by professionals who have years of industry experience. However, our debt collection marketing service is broken down into a number of specialized business units. The benefit of having individual specialized business units is that it helps us cater to people with different needs. Below is a list of the debt collection agencies we are networked with:

  • Soft debt collection
  • Hard debt collection
  • Legal aid and advice
  • Auto loan collection
  • Absconder tracking and collection
  • Field collection
  • Tele collection

Quality control

Every business unit gets the support needed from an added number of professionals. Our quality control department works to ensure that the highest quality standards are well maintained throughout the process. This is why we are so sure about being able to recover your debt as well as provide you with solid advice.

Audit department

Professionals in the audit department make sure that all collections strictly adhere with Bahrain’s monetary policy and procedures. As a matter of fact every step we take to recover a loan needs to be run through this department just to make sure we are not jeopardizing your image.Thus removing any risk of debt collection off your shoulders.

Legal department

This department is responsible for making sure that our methods and those we partner with are updated to comply the latest laws. We want to make sure that no step we take ends up becoming a liability on your part. The legal department is also responsible for making sure that when it comes time for litigation you have a solid case in hand. This improves your chances of recovering debt exponentially.

Service department

As professionals we want you to feel comfortable hiring us, but part of feeling comfortable also means that it’s easy for you to communicate with us. This is where our service department comes in. Our service department makes it very easy for you to reach us and book an appointment regardless of the matter you need to discuss.

Professional consultation

Recovering any type of debt is difficult, as a matter of fact debt collection is regarded as one of the most difficult industry. However, we strongly believe that the first step to successful collection is to understand your case. This is why a professional consultation is so important. Our professionals will discuss your particular case and then chart out the right procedure based on that discussion. So, our professional consultation is always thorough and intensive.

We offer a bespoke debt collection service in Bahrain to businesses and individuals like. Our job is to connect people who have had a problem recovering their debt with the right debt collection agency. Our years of experience in this industry has enabled us to help people recover debt from some of the most influential businesses as well as from individuals who were determined not to pay. That said the businesses we represent only resort to using legal and 100% ethical means of debt collection.

Best in class service

As our client you will benefit from having a dedicated debt recovery consultant who will work with you both initially as well as through the process. He will provide you with advise, and updates on the latest happenings regarding your case. Our goal as professionals is to always help recover bad debts for people without having to go the route of lengthy and difficult litigation. To that end we have a number of tools at our disposal which have over the years proven to be effective at recovering bad debt.

We make litigation hassle free

At times debtors may raise a dispute or may send you a legal notice. At this point it is important that you are backed by the best possible attorneys in Bahrain. Here too we can help! Our network of attorneys are seasoned veterans of the debt collection industry and will not only review but will also chart out the best route to get the case resolved in the best possible manner. Litigation may also be needed in the event the debtor has fled the country. Our attorneys and professionals will then consult with you prior to proceeding with litigation.

Save yourself time and effort

Even if you currently do not have a debtor that is bothering you, as a businessman or individual that invests money it is always good to have us on your side. We can save you time and effort when it comes to collecting as well as making sure that debtors make good on their promise. This way you never have to worry about getting an invoice paid or perhaps a personal loan returned. So, all you need is to just focus on your business and let us handle the difficult part!

Fill out the form on this page and we will get in touch with you.

Our debt recovery services are designed to help both businesses and individuals recover debts of any nature and size in the shortest period of time. Also, unlike other services we do not charge you up front, or a fee without recovering your debt. As a matter of fact, we only get paid when you do. That said it is very important that you understand how we work so that you can clearly see why we are better than others in this industry.

Phase 1: Consultation

This is the initial meeting that we need to have in order to discuss your situation. In most cases if you have left your name and number via our ‘Contact Us’ form, one of our experts will get in touch with you to arrange a meeting. The initial consultation will cover such things as your current debt amount, previous debt recovery attempts and the excuse that your client or friend may be giving you. Once, we have decided on the right course of action, all you need is to sign an agreement giving us authority to recover the debt on your behalf.

Phase 2: Recovering the debt

The debt recovery phase starts with us calling the debtor. The agency assigned your case will call the debtor to find out exactly what is going on, and persuade him to pay up the outstanding amount. If a phone call does not work, we then further escalate the pressure with our agents paying the person a visit at his place of business, employment or home. In most cases a personal visit is all that’s required for the person to pay. If this is not the case, we will then move on to using other avenues of pursuing the matter. In 80% of the cases we are able to recover the debt.

Phase 3: Lawsuit

If a debtor does not pay what is rightly yours and we’ve exhausted all non-judicial forms of pressure, then it’s time to consider a legal angle.  As leading debt collectors, we work alongside a legal team that can help draft and fight the case. However, we may also be able to give all the information to your legal team so that they can handle the legal proceedings.

Phase 4: Last step

Usually, the forth step is when the debt is recovered. At this point we will give you a cheque with the recovered amount minus any fees we previously agreed on.


Q What can a professional debt collection service do for me?

A debt collection service or agency is a business that works on behalf of a creditor to collect on a debt which has passed its payment date. This service is designed to help creditors who are not able to collect on their own. Debt collection agencies happen to be an excellent service, helping creditors save time and money often collecting on written off or bad debts.

Q Why should I choose you?

We are an all-encompassing marketing service that connects debtors with a debt collection service in Bahrain based on the nature of their debt. The agencies we represent are some of the best in the world with years of experienced. In addition, we are backed by a team of legal experts. This ensures that every step we take to recover your debt is legal and so regardless of the amount we never tarnish your image. Plus, our other biggest selling points is that we are free to hire, you only pay when your money is recovered.

Q What makes you think that the debtor will pay you?

This is a question we get all the time. The key to successful debt collection is to put the right amount of psychological pressure. When you are able to do that, there is no debt that cannot be recovered. So, this is where our years of experience and an understanding of the industry comes in

Q Will you harass the debtor?

What is legally classified as harassment is a crime. Our agencies do not harass people, but what we do is find a way to make the person realize that what they are doing is wrong and could mean that they end up in trouble. Once they are convinced of this they have no problem paying. That said, we use a number of legal tools to persuade debtors to pay back.

Q What size debts can you help recover?

Whether it is a personal debt, or am unpaid business bills we can help you recover it. There is no debt which is too small or big for us to handle.

Q Is a lawsuit necessary?

This really depends on the nature of the claim. It also depends on the size of the debt. If the amount is insignificant there is no need to spend money on an expensive debt collection case. That said we will always discuss the situation with you prior to pursuing legal avenues.