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Denmark is often considered to be one of the best places in the world for investors. However, every now and then debtors will refuse to pay. Some may even abscond which makes things very difficult for a creditor. When that happens it is very important that you find a high-quality and trustworthy debt collection agency that will not only collect your debt but also trace the absconder regardless of where in the world they may have gone. Thankfully, our network of debt collectors and skip tracers can help you. We can help you without worrying about the credibility of the business.

Seasoned and reputed experts

Even though we do not collect your debt or are involved in the process of debt collection we still have over a decade in the debt collection industry. This experience has allowed us to connect and partner with some of the leading debt collection services from around the world and in particular the EU. This allows us to help you find and hire the right service with absolutely no effort. Plus, you can be assured that everything will be handled in the most professional manner.

Catering to businesses and individuals of all sizes

Our main focus has mainly been on helping businesses recover their debt. However, over the years we have seen that debt collection in Denmark is mostly focused on businesses and does not cater to individuals. So, what sets us apart is that we focus on businesses of all sizes, freelancers, and even individuals who may have lent money to people they know.

Top-ranked debt experts in Denmark

We understand the laws governing debt collection in Denmark and make sure that all our associated agencies follow those laws. So, you can always be assured that there will be no decision made which may result in a lawsuit or any other type of legal action against you. Unknown to most people this is the most important aspect of debt collection to consider when hiring an agency.


When you hire us to take care of getting the right agency on your case you can be assured of reliability, up-to-date information as well as excellent support throughout the way. It is for this reason that we are fast becoming the most trusted service in the region.

If you are having a problem recovering your debt in Denmark, then look no further than us today!


Bad debt can be financially disabling for some individuals and businessmen. While instances of people not paying back what they owe in Denmark is low, there are still cases where somewhat large amounts have meant that the debtor has absconded. So, when that happens it is time to hire a debt collection agency. But with so many agencies around which one do, you hire? Well, this is where our experience can help you, as we have helped hundreds of people from around the world in the past.

The best agencies in the business

Do you know which are the best debt recovery agencies in Denmark? If not then chances are that you’ll hire a low-quality one, which if anything ends up charging you without much in the way of results. But with us, we can help you find the right agency, with a great reputation of dealing with debts like yours and all with no upfront payment. So, you only pay when your debt has been recovered and even then they are not very expensive.

All agencies are licensed

We partner with some of the best debt recovery agencies in Denmark. These agencies are fully licensed and because they are in the country they are constantly scrutinized to make sure that their practices are always ethical. This means that regardless of the size or type of the debt, the end result will always be an agency that keeps your best interests in mind when hired.

Don’t write off your debt?

If you have tried everything to recover your debt, then don’t write it off just yet! It is time to discuss your case with us so that a professional team can be hired to help recover your debt. The end result is that you will not suffer from the adverse consequences often associated with writing off debt.

Our partners are the following types of debt collection agencies in Denmark:

  • Highly experienced recovery services.
  • Most services have a phenomenal 80% recovery rate.
  • They also provide skip tracing services for absconders.

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Yes! Debt recovery is a difficult job but we can help make it easier. So, get in touch with us today and let our experts help you recover almost any type of debt!

How do things work?

It goes without saying that when the time comes to recover your debt finding an agency that can handle it reliably can be difficult. This is despite the fact that there are many different agencies operating in Denmark. However, because debt recovery can be tricky most agencies specialize in particular cases. So, this is where we can help you i.e. find the right agency which is credible. But before you go any further it is worth understanding how our services work.

Initial or first contact

First contact is when you fill out our online form with your contact details or you give us a call. This is an excellent opportunity to communicate the problem you are facing to us. While we do not expect much detail via an email or brief phone discussion it is almost always followed up by a face-to-face meeting. This is when we start to understand the scope of your problem and what can be done to recover your debt.

Case meeting

After our brief discussion which at times can be really detailed too, we will set you up with a debt collection agency in Denmark. This agency will be responsible for recovering your debt but before they do, they might want to see you in person. The in-person meeting is also when rates are discussed and an agreement is drawn up to be signed. The agreement gives the agency authority to collect the debt on your behalf.

Regular updates

During the recovery process, you are kept informed every step of the way. By keeping you in the loop, we make sure that you know exactly what is going on. Usually, most of the updates are about commitments the debtor may have made and what future actions are being planned.

Giving your money back

Once the company has recovered your debt, you will be paid any way you choose. However, the amount you are paid will be minus the pre-determined service charges. That said the debt recovery company may not be able to give you cash owing to taxation laws.

Organization structure

There are three main tiers that make up the crux of our organization. It is important to note that because we are not a debt collection agency but rather a third party that connects creditors with a recovery agency the way our organization is set up happens to be slightly different. The first tier as we like to call it takes care of marketing, it is what is responsible for getting our leads via the internet and word of mouth. The second tier connects our clients to the right debt collection agency in Denmark. The third tier is mostly customer-centric support and information. So, together all three tiers ensure that people who come to us are provided with the best service.

We specialize in connecting people to the right debt collection agency for the following types of recovery:

  • Soft recovery services
  • Recovering debt in field services
  • Legal/lawyer services
  • Telephone recovery services
  • Hard debt recovery services
  • Auto loan recovery services
  • Absconder tracing and collection services

Marketing department

The marketing department is what has made it possible for you to find us. It connects us to hundreds of people from across Denmark who are searching for a debt collection service that they can trust. So, quite frankly it is thanks to the innovative approach taken by our marketing department that we’ve managed to help many people recover their debt in the shortest period of time by connecting them to the right agency.


Communication is a huge bonus when you deal with us because most debt collection agencies do not have the time to communicate with clients regularly. This is why when we liaison on your behalf, it is possible for our communications department to provide you with all the answers to your questions. It is also possible for them to provide you with regular updates.

Research department

The research department as the name suggests helps us to connect with the best and most efficient debt collection professionals in the business. They network with the best services out there so that you don’t have to. This essentially saves you time, effort, and even money.

Fill our form

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to recover debt,, then contact us right away by just filling out our brief online form. We will then connect you to the most professional debt collection agency in Denmark.

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Disclaimer: An attorney/lawyer shall be consulted when making a decision for your legal needs. Rules and laws described in this blog shall only be used as a source of information and cannot be contested in a court of law, nor can be used as legal advice.


Q Are you familiar with Denmark’s collection laws?

Many of us and the services that we recommend have attorneys. Plus, in order to run a debt collection service in Denmark the collection service needs a license and for that it is important to be familiar with Denmark’s law. So, yes almost every service including ourselves are familiar with the prevailing laws. So, you can be assured that your best interest is always kept at the forefront of our efforts.

Q Why should I trust the agencies that you recommend?

As a debt collection advertising service we have been in this industry for a very long time, so we know which are the best services around. Many times the best services do not need to advertise and so most people don’t know about them. You can trust us because we have a history of helping people find the right debt collection agency. So, we can obviously help you too.

Q What guarantees are on offer if I hire your recommended agency?

Well to start with we guarantee that based on your issue we will connect you with the most experienced and reputed debt collection agency. We will also guarantee regular updates and great customer service across the board. In addition to all of that all collection efforts are carried out using ethical and morally sound judgement every step of the way.

Q Where in Denmark should I go to visit the agency?

This really depends on what agency we recommend. It also depends on where the debtor may have absconded. At times hiring a debt collection agency in Denmark may not be the best move especially if the money was lent abroad.

Q What is your commission structure like?

We do not charge our clients up front. As a matter of fact, you only pay when the debt collection agency has recovered your money. Up until your money is recovered they will work for free. However, the fee you pay will be predetermined.

Q What if a lawyer is needed?

At times when the debt recovery agency is not able to recover your debt, you will need to hire an attorney as a last resort. We can help you hire one or you can hire an attorney of your own. Either way, Denmark’s law is very clear regarding debt recovery and so with the right lawyer at your side a positive verdict shouldn’t be too far away.