Divorce lawyers in Memphis – Law Firm

Divorce lawyers in Memphis – Law Firm

Divorce lawyers in Memphis | Divorce is a draining process that costs you to compromise your emotions and invest your time and effort. In Memphis, divorce is usually filed as a contested and uncontested divorce. According to the laws of Memphis and the concerns of both spouses, their procedures are carried out differently.

In an uncontested divorce, both parties mutually agree on the terms of divorce papers. It is a cost-effective way of divorce that involves relatively small procedures. However, a contested divorce is when any of the spouses do not agree with the clauses written about them in divorce papers.

Uncontested Divorce | Divorce lawyers in Memphis

You can get assistance from divorce lawyers in Memphis for filing the uncontested divorce. The divorce process involves the following steps which would take four to five months till the final divorce statements.

  1. Requirements for filing a divorce

The rules and regulations of Memphis require you to fulfill the following conditions to be permitted for legal separation. If any of the spouses do not agree or fulfills these requirements, then filing a divorce is not acceptable.

  • Husband and wife both are agreed to get a divorce
  • The couple do not have any kids under 18 or disabled
  • Both partners accept the legal division of property
  • Alimonies are agreed with mutual consent
  • Both spouses do not mutually own any kind of assets
  • Any of the spouses are not entities to retirement benefits
  • Any of the spouse or both of them have lived in Memphis for more than 6 months
  1. Submitting the universal divorce forms

Government bodies provide divorce forms that should be filled accordingly. These forms are universally accepted as legally sufficient by the court. If the information in forms is found to ambiguous or incorrect, the filer will come under legal allegations along with penalties.

Fill the request for divorce form which should be signed from both parties and notarized by divorce lawyers Memphis. Provide personal information and other required details by entering authentic information. Send a copy of the form to your spouse through a reliable transmission medium.

Divorce agreement and final decree of divorce, divorce certificate, and a notice of Hearing to Approve Irreconcilable Differences Divorce forms are a part of this process. Make sure that the documents are signed from both parties in the presence of family lawyers.

  1. Filling out the Court forms

For filing the forms with the court, the filer will be required to pay the fee or filing an extra form to request a delay in paying the form fee. Bring copies of all forms to get a stamp marked on them to form the clerk.


  1. Wait for 2 Months

Ask the clerk to inquire about the court date for the final divorce hearing. Once the date is finalized, you should spare some time to attend the hearing. Most often, both spouses are required to be present in the final hearing.

  1. Attend the Divorce Hearing | Divorce lawyers in Memphis

In the final divorce hearing, the judge can ask any of the spouses about the paperwork they have filed. If any of the spouses is not present in the final hearing, the other one should ask the divorce lawyers Memphis to get a copy of the final orders and mail them to the spouse.

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