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Document Attestation Dubai Claimed

We Help You Find , Nearest Document Attestation Dubai

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When moving to any other country, you have to prove that your documents are valid through legal procedures. You can confirm your credentials by getting your documents attested or legalized as per the rules and regulations of the UAE or any other country you are relocating to. Get your Documents attestation in Dubai now.


Attested documents are one of the most important requirements for carrying out any process in Dubai. Whether you are applying for any job in the premises of UAE or you want to get enrolled in any high education institute, document attestation in Dubai is a must to complete the process.


For people who are not aware of the document attestation process in Dubai, it becomes a troublesome and lengthy procedure. Therefore, it is always suggested to get the assistance of legal attorneys to avoid any mistakes and keep up the process as per the legislation of UAE. 

Documents Attested for Dubai in your Home Country

The process of verification of documents in UAE is called legalization or UAE embassy attestation. You have to go through the stepwise procedure of authenticating the documents to ensure that they are valid to be used in different organizations. The process of legalizing your documents before coming to Dubai includes:

  • Verify documents in your country from the Ministry of Department of Foreign Affairs. Take the copy and the original documents with you to ensure that documents are verified genuinely by a trustworthy entity
  • Go to the UAE embassy in your home country along with the attested documents copy and original documents to make sure that they are already attested from verified government bodies or come from reliable sources
  • Submit the documents to the relevant government officials after coming to UAE. This will also help you in knowing the procedure of document attestation in Dubai and the requirements of the organization you are joining in Dubai

In case you are in Dubai and forget to get the documents verified beforehand, you can go to the embassy of your home country in Dubai and then to the Foreign affairs department for document attestation in Dubai. Submit the document to the UAE embassy for final attestation.

Process for Attesting Documents in Dubai

The procedure for legalizing your documents in UAE is divided into two steps:

  1. Verification from Dubai Court’s Notary Public 

Go to the DNCP branches to meet the notary at Al Qusaisa and Al Barsha which are open at Al Tawar Centre. Do not forget to take all original documents, your passport, and all supporting documents along with the copy.

  1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

The charges of document attestation in Dubai vary as per the nature of documents. You can consult the professionals at Bur Dubai and Bastakiya area to get your documents legalized from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Get Copy of Original Documents from DCNP  

In case you have lost the attested copies of the original documents, you can get a verified copy of original documents from DNCP by following the below-mentioned procedure:

  • Provide a copy of original documents with DNC sticker to get your request typed in the Arabic language
  • Go to any branch of DNCP in the first part of the day along with the types request and copy of documents with a sticker of DNCP
  • Pay the fee after verifying your identity and get a printout of the documents from DNCP with a stamp of ‘True Copy’

Related Services

Certified True copy attestation services

For most processes in Dubai, for many companies and for most individual purposes attested documents are required. The purpose of Certified True Copy Attestation Dubai in Dubai UAE is to check the validity of documents whether issued inside or outside the country, also for marriage certificate attestation, notarized copy and for signature verification we provides best attestation services in UAE. Therefore, it is mandatory to attest documents in order to recognize them officially for use within Dubai and outside UAE.

The main goal of our listed true attestation firm in Dubai is to make documents attestation as simple as possible. Our experienced  listed firms and talented team handles a variety of document attestation services in Dubai to meet all their client needs. Whether they need documents immediately or in a few months, our team provides everything they need to take the stress and time out of their clients. Our attestation team makes things simple and convenient for their clients. For marriage certificate attestation, notarized copy and for signature verification we provides best attestation services in UAE. For Certified True Copy Attestation Dubai contact us today

Our listed firms offers a large assortment of services in Dubai which include:

  • Certificate Attestation
  • Apostle services
  • Legal Translation
  • Certified true copy
  • Good conduct certificate
  • Family Visa services

Our listed lawyers specialize in offering world-class expedited Apostille and UAE embassy authentication services in Dubai. They have unparalleled experience in this field. Our services also include governmental authority attestation of documents for employment and family residence visa services. listed lawyers at gulf advocates are facilitating clients all over the UK, Canada, USA, Europe, India, Australia, and covering more than 70 countries. Our lawyers also have a tracking facility for our clients so that they know the status of the process of the documents provided.

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Certificate Attestation:

Our listed firm provides timely certificate attestation services of documents which include 3 types of documents:

  1. Educational and Professional Qualification Certificate attestation (Degree certificate, high-school certificate, professional awards, and equivalency certificates).
  2. Personal identification documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, Death or adoption certificate, divorce certificate, Experience and transfer certificate, passport, or driving license attestation).
  3. Police Documents/ Good conduct certificates (Police clearance documents, criminal records check, ACRO/ACPO certificate, Disclosure Documents, Fingerprints).
  4. Clients trust our firm as it is designed with them in mind to save money, time, and resources.

Apostille Services:

Apostille is a global attestation that is admissible in almost 104 countries and acknowledged by most of the western countries. Our listed lawyers are well known for apostle services. An apostille is required for documents such as educational certificates, personal documents, power of attorney, affidavits, and many more. Our lawyers in Dubai are serving their clients for more than a decade and have vast experience of apostle services and know-how to make the process simple for the ease of their clients.

Certified True copy:

The certified true copy is the photocopy of the document which has been confirmed as a true copy of the original. How a person can obtain a copy depends upon the law of the land, the type of the document, and the purpose for which it is needed to be authenticated.

For marriage certificate attestation, notarized copy and for signature verification we provides best attestation services in UAE

Documents like passport, identity documents issued by the government, the power of attorney which is to be used outside UAE can be attested as true certified copy and can be used for legal transactions. Our  listed lawyers in Dubai can get it done with the physical presence of individuals as our listed law firms  are licensed establishments to handle all kinds of legal documentation. Whereas for other lawyers to certify a document as a true copy, the document holder must appear and provide valid identification.

Police Clearance Certificate:

The purpose of the police clearance certificate :

For job/employment.

Migration purposes.

Residence visa purposes.

For higher study purposes

In Dubai, according to law, our lawyers issue each certificate for use in one country, whereas individual applications must be submitted for use in other countries. It is valid for 3 months from the date of the issue in Dubai and its validity varies depending upon the country. Our lawyers help their clients in attaining good character/ police certificates with less hustle and ease.

Family Visa Services:

It is for expatriates living in Dubai. There are certain procedures according to the laws of Dubai and are also dependent on sponsor visas. Our lawyers will assist with the complete process and take care of their clients in the process of getting a visa from start till the end including medical and ID typing etc. Our lawyers work for issuing visas within 3-4 working days and make sure all documents are in line with the requirements as per immigration rules.

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