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Family Lawyers in Dubai Claimed

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Family lawyers in Dubai , Family law firms in Dubai are offering family law services in the judicial system of Dubai are founded on civil law principles and Islamic Sharia Law which is based on the Quran and the traditions of Prophet (SAW).  Major practice areas of Family Law are divorce lawyers and child custody in Dubai.

The Islamic Sharia Law dictates Family law, which regulates matters like marriage, child custody, and divorce. It is applied to both Muslims and non-Muslims; Residence is the factor that determines jurisdiction for Divorce proceeding in Dubai.

Non-Muslims have the liability about sharia law and they could request the court to apply the foreign family laws on particular cases. Family Law courts Dubai have exclusive jurisdiction to deal with family disputes, including matters that involve divorce, inheritance, child custody, child abuse, and guardianship. The issue of child custody relies on the best interest of the child, as according to the ruling Judge’s discretion, the right of custody belongs to the child’s law and not on the mother’s / father’s rights. The family Advocates in Dubai deals with following family issues:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Transfer of Property from parents especially from father’s side
  • Monthly expenses of ex-wife or child after divorce
  •  Surrogacy
  •  Alimony

 Divorce Lawyers in Dubai

Divorce is canceling of the marriage contract between two parties. It can be commenced by the husband, or by the wife if in marriage contract her husband gave her the right to do so. There are two routes to obtain a divorce:

“Talaq”: The husband or wife must say or write it in the presence of a witness. For Muslims this is the valid method of divorce however, it should be registered in court for it to be a legal procedure. There are financial implications for a spouse that commences divorce by this method without the consent of their spouse.

By the court: The applicant will file a divorce case and the parties will be referred to the Family guidance committee, which then forms the part of Family court.

Family guidance Lawyers are legally trained and have experience in counseling and meditation. They arrange meetings with both parties and if they can not reconcile the matter is referred to Judge in Family Court in Dubai. The judge decides whether there is a valid reason for the divorce. These reasons include:

  • Separation due to defects
  • Separation for non-payment of the current dowry
  • Separation due to harm or dispute
  • Separation due to lack of financial support during the marriage
  • Separation due to absence of one party
  • Separation due to jail sentence
  • Separation due to desertion

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Child Custody Lawyers in Dubai

In Dubai, like other countries goal in custody is the best interest of the child. An interesting fact of custody Law in Dubai is that different roles are assigned to mothers and fathers. Most often the mother is given custody and the father is declared guardian. A guardian of a child financially takes care of the child, makes important decisions about child education and upbringing whereas the custodian has actual, physical custody of a child and they must raise and take care of the child. Everything depends on the child’s best interest.

Although divorce and custody battles are kind of messy, the child custody lawyers in Dubai attempts to cover as many scenarios as possible. The child’s best interest is the center of these laws to resolve the issues between guardians and custodians. The Family law of Dubai states that the custody of a child should go to the mother, 13 years if it is a girl and 11 years of age for a boy. The laws of Dubai protect the inhabitants and most importantly the children.

Transfer of Property from parents especially from father’s side

According to  Dubai’s Family  Law, each party retains its assets and property in their respective names. The division of property must follow the legal ownership that exists at the time of separation or filing for divorce. If all the properties are in one spouse’s name, that spouse is considered an owner. Any moral compensation (iddah) to a spouse are also assessed by the court. A husband does not have the right to claim financial support from his wife.

 Monthly expenses of ex-wife or child after divorce:

Women can claim compensation where the husband has failed to provide her financial support.

There are various financial matters which require attention while filing for divorce. Couples need to separate their combined assets, child support, and appropriate level of alimony. Our associated law firms provide Family Lawyers in Dubai to help clients by protecting their financial rights. They guide you through all the process of Family Law court.


Due to the extremely busy life patterns, husbands and wives don’t have time to look after their kids. Our associate divorce law firm helps to resolve the issue between both parties and tries their best to bring the most suitable environment among the parties and the kids.


This is the most delicate time at both ends after divorce. For this, our associated Family lawyers in Dubai play a vital role in settling all the matters smoothly by identifying responsibilities on each of them. Our associated Family lawyers and Law firms in Dubai show their expertise in resolving issues at earliest.

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