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Law Firms provide complete legal advice and supervision of the legal proceedings for clients who are looking for family lawyers and divorce lawyers in Dubai. The Federal Law Number 28 of 2005, as amended by the Federal Decree-Law Number 29 of 2020, governs and regulates aspects such as divorce, child custody, inheritance, marriage, maintenance, and other family-related matters.

Family lawyers in Dubai are qualified to give you more than just professional legal advice and support. The main purpose is to deliver efficient and effective services to our clients during their periods of emotional turmoil, assisting them in accelerating their cases quickly and achieving desired outcomes. Family lawyers speak multiple languages so that you can understand in your own language, and our legal support ranges from guidance and advice to dispute resolution, court representation, compensation, and ongoing legal support as required, where we seek the best outcome for your family.



Divorce lawyers in Dubai, who are well aware of the Dubai divorce law, are specially trained in divorce and separation cases, providing reliable and cost-effective advice to protect each client’s interest in a divorce case in Dubai. In addition, our skilled lawyers also effectively deal with child custody based on Dubai divorce law through the family courts in Dubai. Our family law division comprises a diverse group of lawyers in Dubai, who handle various legal issues, including personal affairs, and have successfully represented our clients in the following areas with the relevance of family law in Dubai:


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Services mainly cover divorce, child custody, Alimony, Guardianship, Domestic violence, Wills and inheritances, Separation agreements, Maintenance, division of assets, Pre-nuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements, and much more. The governing of marital disputes is available via a group of relevant experts in family law with international competence. Advocates in Dubai are committed to providing services on the sensitive handling of all cases with regards to the handing over and attestation of documents to relevant parties.

Family Law Applicability:

The personal status law is applied to both UAE citizens and expatriates; however, the expatriates are allowed to apply their country’s law after attesting and translating the relevant law into Arabic for submission to the Court. Choosing the right law as applicable to your case matter requires a deep understanding of the laws and procedures pertaining to family matters and therefore you should approach only the most reputed law firm of family lawyers in Dubai.  Personal and family law matters can often be distressing prospects. It’s necessary to make the legal process as clear and smooth as possible for our clients to understand easily.

Experienced divorce lawyers in Dubai can handle the multitude of divorce cases in Dubai for years and will handle your case professionally, allowing you peace of mind amidst the most trying circumstances, which can drag on for a longer duration without the right legal advice. Lawyers have the right of representation before all the Courts in Dubai and can provide you with services from the best family lawyers in Dubai.

Detail & Comprehensive Assessment

Family Lawyers in Dubai are experts enough to deal with Marriage regarding matters as per every religion and custom. Mediation, Arbitration, and Amicable settlement are first priority for Separation & Child custody, but if the matter is not resolved mutually on amicable grounds, then can provide great value to Family Law Services with reliability and trust. Family Lawyers in Dubai adopt a legal process that is smooth and acceptable for both parties without exploiting either party or causing damages to either party.

Our Registered team of family advocates is committed and dedicated to dealing with all sorts of personal matters with utmost decency and care. Family lawyers are capable of advising you on every aspect of family law be it divorce, inheritance, custody, alimony, or any marriage agreements registered within Dubai. Our vast experience in personal matters and ability to resolve family cases for the betterment of our clients and in accordance with their needs and requirements differentiate us from the rest of the family lawyers in Dubai. Members assist the clients engaged in personal matters to decode the principles of Shariah, which generally rules the provisions of the Personal Status Law of Dubai. In addition, we are qualified to decode the language of personal agreements, amend them according to the provisions of the local family law and accordingly advise the client in the language best suitable for them.

Family law Principal 

The Personal status law governs all matters relating to marriage, divorce, succession, child custody, maintenance, and guardianship within the UAE and is based on Sharia principles. The personal status law is applied to both UAE citizens and expatriates; however, the expatriates are allowed to apply their country’s law by attesting and translating the relevant law into the Arabic language for submission in the relevant family court. Good quality and qualified court lawyers are experienced in comprehending the differences between the two laws available for a foreign national filing a divorce or any other family matter in the country. It is vital to understand the difference between both laws and choose the one that can promise the best solution for your matter. In such regard, it is always appropriate to approach only the most reputed law firm of Family Lawyers in Dubai.

Law Firm Affiliation

The law firm and its affiliates have gained considerable experience in dealing with family law cases with respect to the laws of the UAE. With the complexities entailed in the procedures for filing divorce or other family cases within Dubai, it is unavoidable to appoint a Lawyer for Divorce or other family matters to safeguard your interest. In the entirety of our family legal matters, we ensure a pledge to privacy and utmost professionalism. This is particularly significant in family law matters, where arriving at an agreeable destination or solution is frequently the best strategy for both parties, especially in cases of divorce where children are involved.

We Work with honesty

Perpetually, this implies a superior result and shared goal for the nuclear family. Notwithstanding, we generally manage matters depending upon the situation or on a on a case-by-case basis. It is better to always update your client with the best and worst-case scenarios possible, along with a complete overview of court procedure and possible evidence and documents required to achieve the desired outcome. Our registered advocates in Dubai strive to achieve the most probable settlement for the client in accordance with the legal framework of Dubai.

Personal Matters

Personal and family law matters can often be distressing prospects. Advocates in Dubai, always seek to make the legal process as clear and smooth as possible for our clients. A well-experienced divorce lawyer in Dubai Who has handled a multitude of divorce cases in Dubai over the years and will handle your case professionally, allowing you peace of mind amidst the most trying circumstances, which can drag on for a longer duration without the right legal advice. Lawyers have the right of representation before all the Courts in the UAE, including Dubai, and who can provide you with services from the best family lawyers in Dubai.

Family Law Consultation

Individuals and couples also join us just to get expert advice initially. A complaint is always lodged by one party, and reconciliation sessions are always attended by both parties before conciliation is appointed by the family court. Family Lawyers can only participate when a complaint is referred/forwarded to Family Court. But the best strategy is to consult the best family lawyers and legal consultants before lodging a complaint/submitting any request.

Lawyers in Dubai and legal consultants will provide you with a large amount of legal data, knowledge, and confidence, so you will not be confused or worried. Lack of knowledge is another reason why people lose cases in court. Lawyers can’t appear at court before it is started. Therefore, we suggest consulting lawyers and family law legal consultants first. Advocates and legal consultants entertain the people in Dubai by providing the best legal consultation. The legal consultation and solution are provided by Dubai’s best lawyers and legal consultants. The legal consultation fee is very reasonable, and the services offered are the best in Dubai, which are not offered very often by other law firms. Quality services are guaranteed with trust.

Divorce lawyers in Dubai:

Apart from the emotional distress, the divorce dilemma has a bigger effect on one’s financial stability and well-being; it is during such conditions that you should be certain of the people representing you. It’s better to understand that each case is different and unique in its own ways; thus, a law firms in Dubai have a highly-skilled team who are proficient in English, & Arabic and can instruct you on some of the most efficient & cost-effective methods to consider while proceeding with your case.

When to Instigate Divorce Proceedings:

As per the law, you can initiate divorce proceedings while being on the verge of receiving a petition for divorce from your partner or while enduring an unsatisfactory relationship. Professionals will review the case under the promptest jurisdictions depending on your every need and will negotiate reasonably & strongly on your behalf so as to assure that you receive your desired outcome & to make sure that you are well-protected.

Financial Remuneration:

The decision on whether to proceed with the divorce petition requires in-depth knowledge of both the consequences and the benefits of the divorce in all jurisdictions. Both Divorce lawyers and family lawyers in Dubai with great experience in such jurisdictional issues will help you make the right decision. In divorce cases, it is very important to consider the long-term future of both the spouses and your kids, thus, a financial remuneration should be made to order, considering the family’s requirements. Negotiating a practical and propitious financial agreement is a complex and skillful test that would require thoughtful study of numerous factors.

Negotiation and Settlement

If you wish to settle the matter in a civil manner, you may choose a different conflict resolution method, like negotiation, mediation, or conciliation. Mediation offers a cost-effective, speedy, & non-adversarial way of solving the issue by offering divorcing couples a chance to regain upper hand authority over the decisions, which is one way to avoid disputed court proceedings.

Our family lawyers provide you with:

A detailed evaluation of your individual state of affairs to determine the right sequence of action

  • Representation at all initial meetings and at court
  • Training for memos for court submission or of settlement arrangement as the case
  • Dealing with your divorce in every stage of the procedure and more.

We realize that divorce can be a disturbing time and according to various research studies, poor legal actions and guidance during a divorce can equally affect the children, thereby shifting the relationship between the divorcing couples to a hazardous level. The least we can do for you is to give you guidance on how to protect yourself in a broken marriage. Family lawyers in Dubai have the experience that is required to effectively advise on divorce, processing negotiation, legal paperwork, and more. With highly educated and well-experienced professionals handling your case, we guarantee to offer you convenience and relief in this time of pain and distress.

What is the process for divorce in Dubai?

If a party wishes to divorce their spouse, they must open a file in a UAE court to begin the process.  Under Article 98 of the Personal Status Law, both spouses must meet with a ciliature.  This meeting provides a chance for the couple to explain their reasons for wanting a divorce.  It also allows the couple to resolve their differences and make a choice to remain married.

If the couple wishes to divorce and can agree on amicable terms drafted and prepared by a family lawyer, a judge will execute it, and a divorce certificate will be granted.

If the parties cannot agree on the terms of their divorce between themselves, the ciliate will write a letter, referring the couple to court.  Non-Muslims can petition for the law of their home country to be applied before the Court.

Divorce lawyers will provide the expert, compassionate advice and representation you need during this difficult time.  We will ensure you understand the divorce process fully and have extensive knowledge of all the options available to you.

Family Law Services in Dubai:


We always lean towards amicable solutions for divorce cases, especially when the children are involved. It’s best to ensure that lawyers leave no stone unturned in safeguarding the legal right of our clients. You are required to make many decisions during the divorce process — for example, the division of assets, child custody, alimony, etc. You will find more details about each topic in the following sections.

Divorce law in Dubai

Divorce law in Dubai varies depending on your nationality, and whether you are Non-Muslim or Muslim. As your divorce lawyer in Dubai, I will help you navigate through the complexities of the divorce process.

Child Custody:

The well-being of the child is our top priority. In Dubai, child custody and guardianship are treated differently. The custody usually goes to the mother, and the father acts as the guardian. However, this arrangement must not affect the well-being of the child. Custody and guardianship are often a matter of stress for ex-pats. Both parties have no knowledge of the child custody laws in Dubai. In situations like this, family lawyers can help you with a smooth custody process.


The United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country, and it follows Islamic law. Sharia law prohibits adoption in Islam. Thus, adoption in Dubai is illegal. Emiratis and Muslims are not permitted to adopt a child. However, one can take care of and provide for a child as a foster parent. Here, the child does not take your family name, but you are allowed to be the legal foster parent of the child.

Similarly, ex-pats can adopt a child in a foreign country. The adopted child receives all the benefits that a biological child gets. Child adoption lawyers in Dubai and other emirates can guide you through a hassle-free adoption process.


UAE law does not recognize surrogacy. Any type of surrogacy agreement can be treated as a criminal offense. The involved parties can be punished under Federal Law No. 3 of 1987 in Article 356 of the UAE’s Penal Code. However, the UAE does recognize children born in countries where surrogacy laws are in place. A child born in countries where there are strict laws regarding surrogacy, and where it does not involve any monetary transactions between the surrogate mother and the parents is allowed. Surrogacy lawyers in Dubai can assist you legally in choosing countries well-suited for your requirements. Moreover, we can help you prepare all the necessary documents required for the same.

Domestic abuse (spouse/children):

Getting out of an abusive relationship is hard. Most times, we have seen women who are scared and reluctant to seek help. The most common reasons for this reluctance are fear for family reputation, accessibility, and language barriers. It’s best to offer a unique paid consultation service over the phone to all those who find it difficult to visit our offices. Family lawyers in Dubai can explain to you in detail your legal position and course of action. Domestic violence is not age or gender-specific. Even if you are a man, you can seek a legal solution for your problem. When domestic violence happens with children, it takes an ugly turn. We take such cases with high moral and ethical responsibility.

Alimony/Child Support:

There are various financial matters that require your attention while going through a divorce. Couples need to separate their combined assets, determine the appropriate level of alimony and child support. Family lawyers in Dubai will help protect you and your children’s financial rights. A good family lawyer will guide you through all the essential factors that you need to consider.

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, has a robust legal system that encompasses a broad range of legal areas, including corporate law, commercial law, and Sharia law. To navigate the complex legal landscape in Abu Dhabi, individuals and businesses often rely on the expertise of legal professionals, including lawyers, solicitors, and legal consultants. These legal experts provide guidance and representation to clients in various legal matters, including litigation, contract negotiations, and dispute resolution. With their extensive knowledge of the law and local regulations, legal experts play a crucial role in protecting the rights and interests of individuals and businesses in Abu Dhabi.

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When it comes to family disputes, seeking legal counsel is crucial to protecting your rights and interests. Family law is a complex area of law that deals with a range of issues, including divorce, child custody, and domestic violence. In Dubai, there are many experienced family lawyers who specialize in these areas and can provide valuable legal advice and representation to clients. Gulf Advocates is a reliable source for finding the best family lawyers in Dubai. Their directory of family lawyers features a list of top-rated legal professionals who have years of experience in handling family law cases. With the help of a skilled family lawyer, individuals can navigate the legal process with confidence and achieve the best possible outcome for their family.



Q Can foreigners divorce in the UAE?

Couples can file for divorce in the UAE under the country's new divorce law without needing to give a cause for the separation. Without any involvement from the family advice department, a divorce will be granted at the initial hearing.

Q What does child support in the UAE cost?

The "Family Law Regulatory Manual of the Dubai Courts" was recently approved by Resolution No. 3 of 2021, which was published by the Dubai Courts ("Resolution").

Q Can I reject a divorce in UAE?

If the wife is found to be at fault, she will receive a divorce after making a specific amount of restitution. Or, the court may reject the divorce claim if the husband doesn't ask to keep the marriage intact, subject to the court's discretion.

Q After a divorce, may a father take the child away from the mother?

After a divorce, a father may indeed obtain custody of the child. Both divorced parents have equal custody rights over the child even after a legal separation, according to Indian rules on child custody. The other parent does not stop being a parent and forfeit all parental rights just because one parent wins custody.

Q How long does it take to get divorced in Dubai?

How long does a divorce take?  If the parties are able to reach agreement in respect of the divorce, arrangements for children and finances, the entire process of divorce in the UAE (through the UAE courts) can be concluded within three months. This is quicker than in most western jurisdictions. . In comparison to most western jurisdictions, this is speedier.

Q What is the importance of hospitality in Emirati culture?

A: Hospitality is an important aspect of Emirati culture and is deeply ingrained in social customs and traditions.

Q Q: What is the role of the family in Emirati society?

A: The family is highly valued in Emirati society and is considered the foundation of society.

Q Q: Are there any restrictions on women's rights in Dubai?

A: Women in Dubai have legal rights and protections, but there are some restrictions on their personal and professional activities.

Q Q: Is it legal for unmarried couples to live together in Dubai?

A: No, it is illegal for unmarried couples to live together in Dubai.

Q Q: What are the custody laws for children in Dubai?

A: Custody laws in Dubai are governed by Islamic law and are based on the best interests of the child.

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