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So, you have decided to migrate to another country and looking for an immigration lawyer in Dubai. Now consulting the UK or Canadian immigration legal consultants and lawyers in Dubai will make it easy for you to migrate to Canada and the UK. It is very necessary to have a good attorney having a good knowledge of UAE immigration law.

Well, it is a great idea, but do you know that there are extensive laws that govern your migration? These laws are called immigration laws.

Immigration laws govern the sovereignty and exclusive privilege of a country to allow or not to allow an individual(s) to enter its country. These laws are made under international laws and established keeping in mind the appetite of a country for new immigrants. The number of immigrants required in a country is dependent upon many factors such as an aging local population, underdeveloped land, and less population to name a few.

Many other factors can govern the immigration policies of a country both in favor of new immigrants and not in favor of new immigrants. For instance, a country can opt to allow immigrants to land in a specific region or area and would disallow immigrants’ access to a specific region or area.

In most cases, people entering a specific country needs to obtain a visa to enter the country. These visas are issued to people who intend to reside, work, or just visit that country. Visas can be further classified into the following keeping in mind the immigration laws.

Canadian Immigration Lawyers in Dubai

immigration services are in demand in Canada. As more people are migrating to Canada there is a certain increase in demand for Canadian immigration lawyers in Dubai. Our listed Canadian immigration lawyers in Dubai are helping a huge number of professionals, families, and SMEs who are willing to migrate to Canada in accordance with immigration law UAE.

we have a team of professional and experienced Canadian immigration lawyers in Dubai. Our immigration lawyers have in-depth knowledge of Canada’s federal immigration laws and the immigration laws of provinces. Our consultants will brief you about the best suitable state or province to migrate to. Also, provide the guidelines about the immigration process to Canada from Dubai as per the immigration law of UAE.

  • Providing advisory on Canadian immigration laws.
  • Paperwork for families, professionals, and SMEs’ immigration process.
  • provision of paperwork that is compulsory for immigration.
  • Defense services, if you are wrongfully charged that, may affect your Canadian immigration profile

UK immigration lawyers in Dubai

Every year hundreds of people apply for immigration to the UK. As with the passage of time, the demand for UK immigration grows, and also people are looking for expert United Kingdom immigration lawyers in Dubai. Our prominent UK immigration lawyers in Dubai have in-depth knowledge of United kingdom immigration laws.

The United Kingdom is comprised of four sovereign countries England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom has both federal immigration law and countries’ specific immigration law which differs in certain rules and regulations.

our listed UK immigration consultants in Dubai provide full immigration services in Dubai. They have served a huge number of people who are willing to immigrate to the UK.

  • UK immigration consultants in Dubai Services.
  • Provide advisory on UK immigration law
  • provision of paperwork to families, professionalism’s, and SMEs
  • Guidelines about the federal and countries’ immigration law
  • Consultation on suitable countries where a person can migrate easily.
  • Legal guidance to migrate from Dubai as per UAE immigration law.

Temporary Residency

Temporary residency visas are issued to tourists, students, and people who are just passing by the country. When a tourist arrives at a country, they are inquired by the visa officer at the immigration counter at the port of entry about the purpose of the visit and their length of stay. Upon verification, they are allowed entry into the country. Usually, temporary residents can stay less than six months in a country.

For students the same procedure is adopted, however, a student can stay in the country for more than six months or equivalent to the length of their course at an educational institute. They can work as well under some conditions.

Foreigners who are employed by local employers are also issued temporary residency. Although the length of stay for such temporary residents can be more than six months, they are still allowed temporary residency. Which in some cases can lead to acquiring a permanent residency in the country.

Permanent Residency (PR):

In most cases, countries allow permanent residency to skilled persons having an ability to add to the economy of the country with their abilities or to high net worth individuals, who could invest in the country. Countries like America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and others offer their permanent residency to individuals who are skilled and who can invest in their country. In other instances, there are countries that have developed tailored-made solutions for investors to acquire their permanent residency.

Citizenship: A permanent residency usually leads to citizenship. An individual who is a legal resident of a country and has been aided by the rules and laws of the country for a specific time can be granted citizenship. This process is called naturalization. Many countries around the world grant an individual its citizenship by making a certain investment in the country. Such a process may be termed as citizenship by investment. An individual can invest a specific amount in a government or a private project and is granted citizenship. It usually takes less than a year to acquire citizenship by investment.

Citizenship grants the right of casting a vote and holding a public office or government employment to an individual in addition to the other rights. Which they already had at the time of their permanent residencies, such as the right to free education, free medical facilities, old-age benefits, and social security.

Immigration is a vast field of law. Usually, an immigration lawyer is the one who takes charge of all your immigration matters. It is advisable to hire the services of an expert immigration lawyer when dealing with complex policies of immigration law. People tend to make small mistakes in their process of immigration on their own. This can be avoided by hiring services of experienced immigration lawyers.

Immigration consultants tend to specialize in certain areas, for instance, an immigration lawyer may have developed their specialization in the field of permanent residency grants or in the field of work permits/foreign workers’ employment matter

Best immigration Lawyers in UAE

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Q How can I get my UAE visa reinstated?

Changing a ban in (a personal) file
1. Access the service.
2. Finish Form.
3. Include Documents.
4. Remit fees.
5. Send your application.

Q How can I avoid being deported from Dubai?

A foreign national who has received a deportation order may seek to the public prosecution to have the order revoked. He or she may provide justification for the application and supporting documentation. A special committee receives the application and decides whether to lift the deportation order.

Q Is it conceivable to lift the UAE's restriction on immigration?

Is it conceivable to repeal the UAE's restriction on immigration? In general, lifting immigration restrictions is not conceivable, but it is possible in extraordinary circumstances. There is a strong likelihood that an immigration ban will not be lifted if a person has committed any of the crimes listed above and has been found guilty of doing so.

Q Do attorneys assist with visas?

By consulting a lawyer for advice and assistance with your visa application before submitting it, you may be able to avoid many of the minor errors that could result in a refusal of your visa or even a ban in some circumstances. Lawyers frequently provide services after a visa is issued or denied.