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Labour Lawyers in Dubai Claimed

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UAE labour law is devised to uplift the working people and the authorities hiring them for the growth of the organization. Labour & Employment lawyers practice labour law to give employment law-related services to employees and employers in Dubai. Most of the employment-related matters are discussed in Federal Law No. 8 of 1980. It governs labour rights to develop a healthy bond between workers and owners.

Labour lawyers in Dubai assist clients according to the many aspects of Dubai labour law so that there are not any disputes in the internal affairs of a firm. In-depth study of UAE employment law helps one to cognize job-related matters including service gratuity, annual leave, working hours and much more

Employment Lawyers in Dubai

Labour lawyers are the legal attorneys which help in crisis avoidance for smooth plans. However, in case of any issue, employment lawyers in Dubai assist in crisis management by devising win-win strategies. Ministry of Labour oversees the employee-employer relations in the UAE for a rich working environment.

People working in the UAE should also comply with the UAE labour law to avoid employments issues in the future. Lawyers in Dubai assist in the resolution of legal disputes only if the employee is entitled to a work permit. The labour community must comply with the labour laws of the UAE.

Rights Protected by the UAE Labour Law

Labour lawyers in UAE adhere to the local laws when giving legal aid to clients. Employment lawyers in the UAE offer legal advice to help the country grow in all industries. Rights protected by Dubai labour law include

  • Employees have paid annual leave once a year
  • Send paycheques regularly after a month
  • Female workers can get 45 days of maternity leave
  • The employer cannot keep employees passport for any reason
  • Visa expenses are due on the employer
  • Employees can claim wrongful termination in court with proofs
  • No one can force or stop an employee to resign
  • Employees should complete a notice period of 30 days
  • Daily working hours should not exceed the count of 9
  • Employees get service gratuity when they leave the company
  • Terminated employees get a 30 days grace period for visa renewal
  • The employee can get legal assistance to deal with workplace discrimination and harassment

Employees and employers prefer asking a law firm to help them find the best lawyers in the region to hand over their case in safe hands. It might take hours or many days in the search of top employment lawyers thus legal experts are of great help in such issues. These legal attorneys work under the legal umbrella

Employment Contracts in UAE 

UAE employment law includes 2 types of contracts to bind the employer and employee according to the labour laws of the state. Law firm and legal advisers in Dubai assist clients depending upon the nature of the contract as they have dissimilar terms for both parties.

  1. Unlimited contract

According to the Dubai labour law, workers working under unlimited contracts can serve a firm as long as they want to. The employer can fire the employee after issuing a notice for 30 days. Service gratuity for unlimited work agreements is calculated depending on the years of service.

  1. Limited contract

Two or three years of work agreements are signed in the limited contract which includes a UAE residency visa as well. The fixed-term contract automatically terminates if none of the parties renews it before the completion date. Employees get service gratuity and other payment at the end of their service tenure in the company

Legal Consultants in the United Arab Emirates 

Legal consultants operating in UAE host labour lawyers, employment lawyers in Dubai, and labour lawyers in Dubai. The well-trained lawyers in Dubai have cultural awareness as they have dealt with clients from many ethnicities. Their experience is their key to success when dealing with employment issues.

Employment lawyers handle the employment disputes faces by either employer or employee as per the employment laws of UAE. They assist in documenting the legal services and take the case to court if the employment issues are not resolved by negotiations. Employment lawyers Dubai economically tackle employee-employer issues.

Lawyers directories are a convenient way to find the best employment lawyer Dubai without any manual effort. The legal attorneys of Dubai save the company from any reputational damage while ensuring justice for both parties. They assist in getting the employee rights back and keeping their details private.


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