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Abu Dhabi Lawyers Claimed

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Abu Dhabi is the largest of the seven emirates of UAE. It is the capital of the UAE and comes second in terms of population with an estimated of over 3 million people living in the emirate. Being the most important emirates lawyers in Abu Dhabi have a major role in state affairs. Legal consultants provide legal advisory for Abu Dhabi , Criminal Lawyers Abu Dhabi, Family Lawyer Abu Dhabi | Abu Dhabi business center  | Divorce Lawyer Abu dhabi. Free zone and business centre license renewal as per local law to their clients.  Abu Dhabi is also the capital of UAE with a member of the Nahyan family; rulers of Abu Dhabi, being appointed as the president of UAE.

With an overall economy of over 400 Billion USD of UAE  Abu Dhabi accounting to more than 60% of it. It is safe to say that Abu Dhabi is fast becoming the economic centre of the UAE. The oil and gas reserves which are 9th highest in the world are mostly located in Abu Dhabi. It is a major source of economic activity of the entire UAE.

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Abu Dhabi is considered as the political hub of UAE and is home to the federal courts and judicial system of UAE. As Abu Dhabi is fast becoming a metropolitan city, hence its requirement for law and order is also increasing. Our listed  advocates in Abu Dhabi are well versed in different fields of law such as:

Role of Law Firms in Abu Dhabi

The judicial system of a state or country plays an important role in the stability of the state. Investors look into the legal system of the country that is why law firms in Abu Dhabi have an important role in the economy of the state. The Lawyers and law firms working in Abu Dhabi are looking forward to providing legal services to local and international clients in an effective manner.

Legal consultants in Abu Dhabi are professional and experienced that is why legal services in Abu Dhabi are in access to every individual. Our listed legal consultants in Abu Dhabi are practising in all areas of UAE Law below is our prominent law firms and Abu Dhabi Advocates areas of expertise.

Criminal law Abu Dhabi:

Laws related to criminality are based on the principals of sharia law coupled with modern law. Our listed lawyers and law firms have a deep understanding of the laws and rules which are associated with criminal law. They have been serving clients for several years and have based their practices ranging from white-collar crimes to robbery. Criminal lawyers have also perfected the paralegal aspects of criminal law as well such as drafting and producing pieces of evidence in front of the courts for their clients.

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Family advocates in Abu Dhabi:

Our associate family lawyers have the utmost understanding of family laws. They have the professional expertise to represent their clients in the field of family law. So that to furnish the right guidance to their clients when it comes to dealing with cases in the matter of divorce, separation, rights of child custody, inheritance, or will drafting.


 Property lawyers Abu Dhabi:

Matters concerning property law in Abu Dhabi are a cumbersome process; therefore, our associate property law legal consultants in Abu Dhabi are here to help you out. The complex processes of property law are one of the many expertise of our associate property advocates in Abu Dhabi. From advising the client to drafting property deeds, our associate property lawyers have got you covered.


Civil advocates in Abu Dhabi:

Our associate civil advocates in Abu Dhabi provide the right advice and information on various fields of civil law. From filling a lawsuit to appealing against a decision, we have got you covered. Our associate civil lawyers are also well versed in the immigration laws of Abu Dhabi. They have provided their services to several clients and corporations in their immigration matters ranging from immigration to appealing against deportation.


Labour Lawyers Abu Dhabi:

Our associate labour lawyers specialize in the following aspects of labour law:

  • Setting up a new business organization or reorganizing an existing business.
  • Drafting of employment agreements.
  • Employee settlement and service agreements.
  • Employee grievances and negotiations.
  • Settlement of salary and bonuses.


Our associate labour lawyers have the right knowledge of existing laws as prescribed by the ministry of law. They have helped several clients, both individuals, and organizations in seeking a solution to a certain matter through our associate labour lawyers. Our associate labour lawyers have set the industry benchmark by providing industry-wide best services to their clients.  They have a vast number of satisfied clients in their arsenal.

Debt Collection services:

Our associate debt collector agencies and agents in Abu Dhabi are some of the best in the industry. Financial institutions have hired their services on several occasions to go after the offender. On numerous occasions, it has been observed that our listed lawyers and debt collector agencies in Abu Dhabi have taken little or no time in extracting maximum debt out of an offender. Even if they must go as far as to the home country of the offender, they do not shy away from it. They have also worked based on no win-no fee, where they do not charge the financial institute their professional fee if they are unable to extract the bad debt.

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