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Our Associate Lawyers in Abu Dhabi have a group of profoundly qualified, experienced, and motivated legal counselors in Abu Dhabi that have been providing legal assistance for more than two decades. Our associates provide a comprehensive range of legal services, covering almost every sector in Abu Dhabi-UAE. Our Associates are rated as one of the best legal consultancy firms in the UAE. They have a very well-settled office in Abu Dhabi. Thanks to our extensive legal network all across the Middle East, our associates can confidently say that they have one of the vast legal as compared to other legitimate firms in Abu Dhabi, moreover, our reputation in UAE motivates us to offer the best legal services to our customers, in the manner in which they need our assistance. There are not many law offices in Abu Dhabi that have the most experienced lawyers who will give appropriate solutions after analyzing the case.

Vision and Ambition

Our Associate Lawyers in Abu Dhabi are committed to offering professional guidance to all your legal reservations. Our team assists you to deal with any type of legal issues while staying inside the legal framework of the country. Our legal team has a firm grip on law-related knowledge and procedures in the UAE and thus can assist you to find the perfect solutions for your legal problem. Our associate lawyers can offer you legal assistance in all sorts of cases ranging from Family, Business, Criminal and Corporate. It is indeed the expertise of our expert legal advisors that make complex legal processes easier for you in Abu Dhabi. Our highly motivated team of lawyers will serve you with complete passion and dedication. This is the basic reason for being one of the most trusted names in the field of law and lawyers in Abu Dhabi.

If you need any sort of legal assistance, then feel free to call us.

Reliable Lawyers in Abu Dhabi

Our associate team of lawyers is one of the top legitimate experts in Abu Dhabi that is focused on giving you the most valuable legal consultancy covering a wide range of legal disputes. Over the period our team has earned the relevant knowledge that will benefit our clients when we will pursue their disputes. Our Associate team of legal advisors is among the top worldwide law offices in Abu Dhabi and have consistently offered significance to the values of loyalty, integrity, and deliverance. Today, we are one of the renowned, well-settled, and trusted names in the field of law in the UAE. Our solidarity is a gathering of knowledgeable and experienced legal advisors who have handles a wide range of legitimate disputes over the period. They ensure that justice is delivered, following rules and regulations set by the authorities of the UAE.                         

Our legal services include:-

Family disputes and Divorce cases

Legal assistance on numerous matters or disputes revolving around the family relationships Divorce/Family Law targeting adoption, custody of the child, divorce among a number of other aspects of the family issues. Our Associate legal consultancy firm has Best lawyers in Abu Dhabi who have extensive experience and a great understanding of laws related to family and divorce, so we can assure you the best legal services in your hard times of distress.

Criminal Cases

This covers the initiation of criminal violations and legal proceedings like charging, operating trials, setting of penalties & selecting the mode for treating the convicted, criminal law covers an extensive range of criminal offenses. Our team of Criminal Lawyers in Abu Dhabi has in-depth knowledge and practice as well in numerous fields of criminal offenses and can guide you with any related case. If you need any expert legal advice feel free to call us now.

Employment / Labor Law

Mediation between the employee, employer, union & the government the Employment law or Labor law offer services to settle disputes in matters of labor. The basic purpose of this law is to maintain a balanced environment between employer, employee & union on the other hand individual employment law regarding the rights of the employees at the workplace. Our associate team of well-experienced labor lawyers Abu Dhabi and legal consultants offer you an amicable resolution to all your concerns related to labor laws.

Property Disputes

Our Team of associate lawyers can describe property law or either real estate law in a very simple manner by bringing it relevant to any kind of law which is regarding land and buildings. This law administers a wide variety of legal matters such as the person allowed to sell or purchase any property. We are accompanied by some of the best and experienced property lawyers in Abu Dhabi. They have expertise in law understanding associated with real estate or property. You can trust our team in bringing you the desired outcome.

Assistance in Banking & finance

This department is dedicated to the contact-based program that is a relationship among borrowers and lenders. The Banking & Finance Law covers every monetary dispute ranging from corporate business deals to personal loans. Our legal consultancy firm in Abu Dhabi has the most eligible attorneys who have great expertise and practice in dealing with complicated conflicts that are relevant to financial matters and can promise you a fruitful outcome.

Commercial / Corporate Law 

Our associates offers numerous legal commercial practices like drafting of agreements, deals & contracts, Commercial Law deals with the legal aspects of commercial disputes on other and Corporate Law handles the relations, rights, and conduct of the business organizations. Our experienced legal consultants and advocates have a long history of successful cases and have an experience like no other, so we promise to help you in disputes related to the corporate & commercial sector.

 We also offer legal consultancy for the below sectors:

  • Insurance
  • Immigration
  • Accident claim services
  • Shipping Cases

Our team of associate lawyers is considered as one of the best law firms in Dubai that tackle a wide range of clients not only in the Middle East but also on international levels as well. Being a part of the legal fraternity, it is our basic value to always stick with the truth and fight until justice is delivered. Presently, we are one of the mainstream legal firms that are committed to delivering solutions for disputes. We provide the highest level of personal service to our clients, covering fields like family, civil, criminal, and corporate, arbitration law, etc. Our associates genuinely cover all types of legal requirements of your enterprise and offer expert assistance over a variety of areas like licensing, contracts, etc.

If you need expert legal advice then feel free to call us now.


Q What are the 3 types of lawyers?

In case you've been attempting to discover an attorney to assist you with taking care of your particular lawful issue, you've most likely acknowledged there are a wide range of sorts of legal advisors. The legitimate field is tremendous and complex and you'll see that numerous legal counselors have practical experience in a specific space of law.
Most common types of Lawyers are as under:-
• Personal Injury Lawyer
• Estate Planning Lawyer
• Bankruptcy Lawyer
• Intellectual Property Lawyer
• Employment Lawyer
• Corporate Lawyer
• Immigration Lawyer
• Criminal Lawyer
Personal Injury Lawyer.
Estate Planning Lawyer.
Bankruptcy Lawyer.
Intellectual Property Lawyer.
Employment Lawyer.
Corporate Lawyer.
Immigration Lawyer.
Criminal Lawyer.
Family Lawyers
Divorce Lawyer

Q How to file Law Suit in UAE?

In order to file a civil case in the UAE, the plaintiff along with legal representative will present a “statement of claim” combined with supporting documents to the Case Management Office in the court or by using electronic records. Copy of Plaintiff’s claim will be sent to defendant so that they too can prepare for the legal proceedings. The statement of claim will contain:
• Personal details of plaintiff’s and the defendant’s including addresses
• The subject-matter of the lawsuit
• The claim and grounds
• Time and date of submission of the lawsuit to the Case Management Office
• The court in front of which the lawsuit is filed
• The signature of the plaintiff or his representative

Q What is penal case Abu Dhabi?

A penal order will be issued by a public prosecutor for crimes classified as misdemeanors, in other words such will be punishable by a fine or a term of imprisonment not more than three years. The penal order will be restricted to the payment of a fine.

Q How do I know if I have travel ban in Abu Dhabi?

Dubai Police website has section that permits residents of UAE whether you have a travel ban due to some sort of financial cases in the emirate only. To avail service you just need to enter your Emirates ID card number.

Q How long is immigration ban in UAE?

Generally Immigration related bans in the UAE may be imposed up to one year (generally), but minimum it can be as short as six months or for lifetime.

Q Does employer have authority to cancel my visa without my signature?

Employer does not have the authority to cancel worker's work permit employer without the signature on the application form.

Q How many years you have to wait once you are deported?

After being deported as foreigner, you may not return without having special approval from the director general of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, according to Article 28 of Law No. 6 of 1973

Q Can I leave UAE without cancelling visa?

You and your dependents' visas residence visa will have to be cancelled before you leave the country.

Q What's the punishment for drugs?

The narcotic or psychotropic elements are covered under schedule 3 ,6, 7 or 8 of the UAE drugs laws then pursuant to Article 40 , the punishment could be given imprisonment of 6 months to two years along with the fine of up to 10,000 dirhams

Q How long do you go to jail for drug possession in UAE?

As per Article 39 of the UAE drug law, drug abuses in any manner, possesses with the intention of abuse or personally uses in the circumstances other than those authorized any narcotic or psychotropic substances set forth in schedules 1, 2, 4 and 5 shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a period of two years at least however court may impose a fine up to 10,000 Dirhams at least.

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