PNB Immigration Law Firm

PNB Immigration Law Firm is the first immigration law firm in Indonesia. Our team of immigration lawyers and consultants are solely focused on Immigration. This focus enables us to provide first-rate immigration services to our clients. And this strategy has shown off: currently we have the largest and most experienced immigration practice group in Indonesia, serving high stake multinational companies, including many Fortune500 companies.

Our team of Immigration Lawyers and Consultants belongs to the most experienced immigration teams in Indonesia.

Why choose us?

High-Quality Immigration Services

Our team of immigration lawyers and consultants are highly specialized in immigration and is therefore able to assist our clients with fast, accurate, and always up-to-date advice and immigration services. In order to constantly improve our knowledge and skills, all staff undergo regular internal and external training.

PNB Immigration Law Firm

PNB Immigration Law Firm Indonesia is a trusted and reliable name in the Law firm industry. We are fully dedicated to providing reliable services to our clients. Our quality services will ensure clients’ success and maintain optimal efficiency while keeping information safe and sound. Lawyers in Indonesia are dealing with all services, including Debt collection. Debt Collection Agency Indonesia is focused on getting  minimal amount of time possible through a variety of avenues, including finding work. Allow us to guide you carefully through the process from start to finish.

Affiliation | Gulf Advocates

PNB Immigration Law Firm have been registered with Gulf advocates. This law firm have best Advocates in Indonesia and is providing the best services to its client across Indonesia. This law firm has expertise in handling the mentioned legal issues


Best solicitors in Indonesia | PNB Immigration Law Firm

PNB Immigration Law Firm have best Lawyers in Indonesia. Many law firms have been registered with us. If you are looking for Lawyers in Indonesia, then you are at the right place. We have best Lawyers in Indonesia. You can contact Gulf Advocates through social media links like

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We are providing services in the following areas across Indonesia:. For new gulf rules and the best lawyers, check the links below.


Committed Case Management

Each client is assigned to a case manager, who will be the person in charge for such client. Our case managers are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service. Our case managers are highly experienced lawyers/consultants who can be directly contacted by clients at any given time.

Direct Lines to Leadership

Our Leadership is directly involved in preparing case strategies for clients. Clients have direct communication lines to our leadership, which enables them to discuss case strategies, emergencies or escalations directly with the leadership.