Rufus Alldredge, Attorney at Law

Hello – my name is Rufus Alldredge. I represent and defend people against the government. Usually, this means representing and defending people on misdemeanor and felony charges. Representation also extends to asset seizures and forfeitures. I also help people maintain professional or technical licenses, their job, and their livelihood.

It is best to begin representation as soon as the person knows he or she is being investigated. Usually, the person learns of the charge upon arrest. Call your lawyer then. If a person learns he or she is being investigated by a Grand Jury, this is a unique opportunity to present your defenses prior to Grand Jury determination.

In many cases underlying alcohol or drug problem results in an arrest. Left unchecked, the progression from substance abuse to chemical dependency or addiction can consume a person’s life. Proactive strategy with a chemical dependant client begins with diagnostic assessment and may include residential or outpatient treatment, aftercare, and appropriate followup with documentation forwarded to the attorney. Inappropriate cases, addressing the underlying cause of a problem often leads to a good result in court.

Rufus Alldredge works closely with a client to preserve a professional or technical license, including a representation of professional license issues before the appropriate board.

Rufus Alldredge was formerly a partner in an established Mississippi Gulf Coast corporate law firm. The call of the courtroom led me to the District Attorney’s office for the Second Circuit Court District where I served as an Assistant District Attorney, principally in Harrison County. As a felony prosecutor, I handled high profile cases of every type including drugs, crimes of violence against children and the elderly, property crimes, white-collar crimes, and Grand Jury investigations. I prosecuted asset seizures and forfeitures for Harrison, Hancock, and Stone Counties.