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The world that we are living is constantly changing, a lot can happen in the blink of an eye. Whether it is disputes with a person you came across with or even your significant other who you think is not the one for you and you don’t want to keep your bond together, do not worry because there is always a lawyer who is ready to assist you with the help you need. Ever wondered where to find a law firm in Thailand which you can depend on and has a reputable name in the industry? Siam Attorney is one of the leading Law firms in Thailand with English Speaking Lawyers in Bangkok and in Phuket and is making rounds around the country.

We have our main law firm in Bangkok which is situated in the heart of the capital. We also have a law firm in Phuket.

A number of law firms in Thailand, specifically the law firms in Bangkok promises great assistance and result. However, no other law firm in Thailand can deliver and execute the perfect results you are expecting other than Siam Attorney.

Siam Attorney is one of the most reputable law firm in Thailand. We offer numerous legal services for everyone in Thailand as well as from other countries.

Need help with your legal service or U.S. Visa to travel in the United States? We got your back. Hassle-free application for a U.S. Visa is our reputation. A lot of citizens of Thailand highly recommend our assistance when it comes to legal matters. There have been a great number of people who tried to apply for Visas but only a few have been approved. Those handful of people who have been approved came to us for assistance and advice and guidance.

At Siam Attorney, we promise to give you the best service and result you deserve, because we value you as our client and we want your dreams to happen.

In need of assistance with your business? Consulting with a professional advisor is the first step towards a business’s success. At Siam Attorney, we have a legal team that is ready to help and give advice for your business.

Equipped with knowledgeable and expert lawyers, our law firm can propel your business to success and make a significant impact in the industry. Because with Siam Attorney, we make sure that success is just one step ahead.

Having issues or difficulties with real estate? Our law firm is the most suitable for any real estate disputes. With our lawyers who are equipped with significant knowledge about real estate matters, rest assured that your problems will be solved as we are here to assist you with any legal services we can provide.

Siam Attorney has a wide array of services including setting up of business, Thailand work permit, prenuptial agreements, divorce in Thailand, we also have notary public, dispute resolution, and litigation, and many more.

Still in doubt, whether Siam Attorney is the best and most reputable law firm in Thailand? We’ve got numerous clients who were contented and pleased with the services that we have provided and we want you to be one of them.

For authentic and reputable legal and business service whether be it a law firm in Bangkok, a law firm in Phuket, and a law firm in Thailand as a whole, Siam Attorney will always shine brighter than the others as we have already made a mark in the industry. At Siam Attorney, your well-being is our priority.

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Company Set up Thailand

Set up a Company in Thailand is not too difficult, but you need an experienced lawyer who specializes in this matter and always works for the foreigner to give the right advice to you and handle the process in professionalism.

Work Permit Thailand

We have extensive experience in partnering with our clients to apply working permits to work and stay legally. We are fully acted on behalf of our client to prepare and deal with the Ministry of Labor to process any kind of work permit.

Shelf Company Thailand

In case you want to create a company fast or you don’t have a Thai shareholder to complete the law’s requirement or you could buy one of these off-the-shelf companies (or shelf companies as they are more commonly termed) quickly and easily.

Property Service

Siam Attorney & C0 Group of a lawyer is the ideal choice for clients who seek expert advice, innovative solutions and responsive documentation relating to significant and complex transactions that involve or include raw or developed property.

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