Smeets Family Lawyers

SMEETS Family Lawyers provides high-quality legal advice and services in the field of Chilean and cross-border family issues. We are dedicated to looking after your personal interests.

We provide specialized expertise in Children and international family law for:
  • Private clients, who are looking for an analysis of their juridical situation and to help them in case of disputes or even better; to avoid them;
  • Professionals, such as lawyers, who are looking for cross-border support and rely on our international expertise;
  • All clients who need advice and services concerning settlement in Chile.

Our areas of expertise

Smeets Family Lawyers provide legal advice on Chilean and cross-border family matters, such as legalizing a foreign marriage, prenuptial agreements, divorces, mediation, alimony, registered partnerships, legal issues involving children (child custody and abduction; the Hague Convention), adoption, inheritances, immigration, relocation or settlement in Chile (we can also assist you with the legal process of buying and selling property in Chile), and others.


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