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Registration of Trademark in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE, is a legally documented operation. Despite of sharing details about the trademark services in Dubai Abu Dhabi, UAE, first we have to know about the trademark. It might be a brand’s name, icon, or logo, generally, they are utilized by manufacturers to distinguish their products and services that are registered legally. A trademark might be a name, words, letters, figures, signature, symbol, label, picture, or some type of combination that can be used as a brand name.

Trademarks are used by manufacturers to distinguish a product from others in the market. If someone tries to float products using something similar to an already registered trademark, it is their basic right to shield themselves and restrict them on a legal basis.

The responsibility for trademark registration in Dubai, UAE, is held with the Ministry of Economics. This trademark is applicable to the boundaries of Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Al Ain, and Umm Al Quwain. Ministry of Economic Affairs permits companies to have their own trademark registered for 10 years. It can also be renewed or prolonged by paying extra charges, and if the registration is expired due to some reason, one can get It registered by following the same patterns of official documents and procedures to acquire the trademark registration for 10 years.

Significance of trademark registration in Dubai:

It is very necessary to make the appearance of your product or service look distinguished as compared to your competitors. Trademark registration in Dubai provides you the chance of acquiring this distinguishing feature for your business. You can get it in many ways like name, mark, symbol, identity, package, colors, design, etc. Below, we have addressed some of the reasons to make you realize the significance of trademark registration in Dubai, as follows:

Make your product and services look Distinguished:

trademark approach helps the user analyze what type of product or service is being offered, that makes them think in their head that these are the products or services they are acquiring and making look different from their competitors in the marketplace.

Shielding your brand

It gives you an edge in the market because it covers the rights of the registered trademark and no other person or organization can copy its product or services that it is offering.

An effective Marketing Tool

It has become a trend nowadays that, in order to launch a new brand or product, brands use their first look to present their trademark. trademark is genuinely an appropriate tool for making your brand look more effective and efficient

Increase in product Face and business value

Trademarks can really play a vital role I offering such products or services in the market that will ensure that the business will get flourished at a rapid pace by increasing the value of a business

Authorization to another person

If your trademark is registered, you can allow other people to utilize the name, acquire a license and grow in the market

Filing a case

It comes with a right to protect the trademark if anyone tries to copy or steal the name of a product or service of the business.

Registration of Trademark in UAE

Step #01: Filing of trademark

After doing extensive research on trademarks, studying the positives and negatives of the products or services that you are about to launch in the market. The application will be submitted to the trademark registry along with a complete set of documentation and a Presentation of the products and services that are being provided.

Step #02: Advertising in the Trademark Journal

After submitting the application for trademark registration, an official journal in UAE will commercialize the trademark and make it official.

Step #03: Publication in newspapers

It is the time when the trademark is published in two of the UAE’s newspapers. Authorities have settled a time span in which anyone can share his objections or file a case against the trademark after its publication. The process will continue if there is no objection at all.

Step #04: Fee for Registration

Right after receiving no objection or zero queries about the trademark from the competitors, a public Trademark allotment certificate will be issued to the business.

Step#05…………Key Factors

  • A trademark must not be copied or stolen from another product.
  • A trademark must not affect the religious or moral sentiments of society or segment of society directly or indirectly
  • The trademark must not include any false statements in it

Trademark Registration Services in UAE

Feel free to contact us now if you are interested in the registration of trademark services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE. We have made the whole process very much easier, you just have to apply by filling our online form and providing complete information to initiate your trademark registration process in Dubai.


Q How can a trademark be filed in Dubai?

In the UAE, the Ministry of Economy is the appropriate body to register trademarks. Customers can submit an online application to register a trademark on the ministry's website. Trademark documentation includes a logo.

Q What is the cost in Dubai to register a trademark?

The UAE charges AED 8,700 for trademark registration and an additional AED 1,000 for publication of the trademark in the official journal. Additionally, there can be charges for translations, legal counsel, and the cost of advertising the

Q In the UAE, can a foreigner register a trademark?

Two groups of people may apply for trademark registration in Dubai or the UAE: 1. Natives of a natural or legal entity who are engaged in any kind of commercial, industrial, professional, or service business; and 2. Foreigners who are engaged in any kind of commercial, industrial, professional, or service business in the State.

Q Who can register a trademark?

A mark must be used in commerce and be unique in order to qualify for trademark protection, which has two basic conditions. Because trademark law is constitutionally rooted in the congressional power to regulate interstate commerce, the first requirement—that a mark be used in commerce—arises.