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Trademark Registration Dubai Claimed

We Help You Find, TradeMark Registration Dubai

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Trademark registration in Dubai and Abu Dhabi,  UAE is a legal activity. Before going into the brief details of the trademark services in Dubai Abu Dhabi, UAE let us know about the trademark. It is a brand name, symbol, and often called logo, they are used by manufacturers to recognize their goods and services that are registered legally. Trademark could be anything; people use the name, words, letters, figures, signature, symbol, title, image, or any other combination that could be used as their brand name.

In a marketplace, Trademarks are used to identify and distinguish a product from others. If someone else attempts to distribute products using something similar to your someone’s trademark, they have the right to protect themselves and stop them.

Ministry of Economics is responsible for the trademark registration in Dubai, UAE. This trademark is valid for all 7 emirates (Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, Ras Al Khaima, Fujairah, Al Ain, and Umm Al Quwain) Ministry of Economic allows companies to have their trademark registered for 10 years, It can also be prolonged by paying extra charges, and if for some reason if the registration is expired it can again be registered by following the same procedure and get the trademark registered for 10 years.

Importance of trademark registration in Dubai:

It is very important to have an edge between you and the competitors and trademark registration in Dubai allows you to be unique in many ways e.g. in terms of name, symbol, sign, identity, package, colors, and design, etc. They help you distinguish between your product among the competitors that are present in the marketplace. Some of the reasons for realizing the importance of trademark registration in Dubai are as follow:

  1. Distinguish your product or services: trademark helps the end-user to clearly see what type of product is being offered, what type of services are being provided that makes them think in their head that these are the products or services they are getting and making them different from their competitors in the market
  2. Protect your brand: It gives you an edge in the market that it protects the rights of the registered trademark and no other entity can copy its product or services that it is providing
  3. An effective Marketing Tool: if you are new to the market and want consumers to know about your product or services then the trademark is an appropriate tool for making your name more effectively and efficiently
  4. Increase business value: trademarks can offer such products or services in the market that will ensure that the business can flourish with leaps and bounds in the market that will rapidly increase the value of a business
  5. Authorize another person: if your trademark is registered then it can allow other people to have permission to use the name and get licensed and flourish in the market • Filing a case: it gives you the right to protect the trademark if anyone tries to copy the name, product or services of the business.

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Procedure for registration of trademark:

The following steps are taken to get the trademark registration in UAE

Filing of trademark:

After the comprehensive research on trademark, seeing into the pros n cons of the products or services that you are going to offer in the market the application is submitted to the trademark registry along with proper documentation and providing them with complete Presentation of the products and services that are being provided.

Publication in the trademark journal:

After the submission of the trademark registration application, there is an official journal in UAE that will commercialize the trademark and make it official.

Publication in newspapers:

Here comes the time when the trademark is published in two of the UAE’s newspapers. There is a time frame in which one can object and file a case against the trademark after the publication. The process proceeds if there is no objection at all.

Registration Fee:

If there is no problem and there is no objection about the trademark from the opposition when there was time given to file against the trademark a certificate if allotted for registration is given to the business.

Key considerations:

  • A trademark should not be a copy of another product; it should speak for itself
  • A trademark should not be kept that makes interfere directly or indirectly in the lives of people who are concerned about religion and moral values
  • The trademark should not have any incorrect statements in it

Trademark Registration Services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai

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