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Vellani & Vellani corporate lawyers

Vellani & Vellani, a corporate and intellectual property law firm, was established in 1937. We provide legal services including consultancy services for corporate and other clients. Some of the areas include finance, taxation, mergers, acquisitions, divestments, syndicated loans, licensing and transfer of technology, incorporation of companies, and joint ventures. The firm also provides intellectual property services in relation to trademarks, patents, designs, copyright, licensing, and domain names.

The firm specializes in commercial matters including the following:

  • corporation work
  • anti-trust matters
  • finance and taxation
  • joint ventures
  • projects involving the grant and exploitation of government concessions
  • the setting up and operation of:
    • manufacturing facilities
    • banking and financial institutions
    • trading and service companies
  • banking and financing transactions
  • syndicated loans
  • credit facilities
  • project financing
  • mergers, acquisitions, and divestments
  • licensing and transfer of technology
  • the grant of franchises, agencies, and distributorships
  • the incorporation of companies, private, public and listed
  • the public floatation and listing of securities
  • tender offers for listed securities

Clients advised include those in the fields of banking, finance, shipping, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pesticides, petroleum, cement, tobacco, beverages, edible oils, soaps and detergents, tea, vehicles, computers, communications, general services, and other fields.

The partners of the firm also act as directors on the Boards of the subsidiary companies in Pakistan of several multinational companies, in each case representing the interest of the major shareholder.

Projects | Vellani & Vellani Corporate Lawyers

Some of the projects with which the firm has been involved in the past include:

  • petroleum projects including petroleum concessions, exploration and production of oil and gas and the marketing of refined petroleum and the production and supply of natural gas and LPG.
  • standardization of the conditions of contract for the construction works of a major public sector manufacturing enterprise and its long term raw material purchase contracts
  • off-shore and on-shore syndicated loans and credit facilities
  • providing counsel on Pakistan Law issues and general legal assistance to domestic and foreign financial institutions providing finance to major projects, such as Power Generation and Port Infrastructure Projects, including the review of project documents, preparing Pakistan Law based finance and security documents, and reviewing off-shore finance documents
  • joint venture manufacturing and other projects in various industrial and commercial sectors, such as petroleum, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, engineering, vehicles, communications
  • corporate restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, divestments and tender offers
  • licensing of technology and trademarks and the grant of franchises
  • public flotation of shares.

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