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Zuckerman Law Firm Overview

Zuckerman Law Firm, based in Washington DC, represents employees nationwide who step forward to blow the whistle on fraud. Reporting fraud is challenging and intimidating. The legal team at Zuckerman Law has a deep understanding of the laws that can protect and reward those who report corporate misconduct.

We represent employees who have witnessed commodities and securities fraud (Dodd-Frank), corporate fraud (Sarbanes-Oxley), underpayment of taxes, unethical activity by government contractors, and more. And with a licensed CPA on staff, our firm has the skill and experience to fully investigate complex financial schemes.

Zuckerman Law Firm also represents employees in a wide range of employment-related litigation, including claims of sexual harassment, LGBT discrimination, glass ceiling discrimination, disability discrimination, age discrimination and pay discrimination.

Zuckerman Law is a zealous advocate. We provide clear and candid advice for those who have witnessed fraud and unethical activity or who have been discriminated against or retaliated against in the workplace.

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Q What is tortious interference in Virginia?

Virginia recognizes a private cause of action for tortious interference with contract or business expectancy. A plaintiff can bring a claim for tortious interference when a third party (the defendant) has interfered with an existing contract or the plaintiff’s legitimate expectation of a prospective business relationship with another party.