Marriage Lawyer in Dubai

Marriage law expert in UAE is a subdivision of family law. It is a contract that binds a man and a woman to spend the rest of their lives together and start a family life. Just like every other contract, a marriage lawyer in the United Arab emirates ensures that terms and conditions are made clear to people before signing it. For more details join our social media.

Marriage Attorney Near Me

Being a resident of the U.A.E, it is not difficult to come across marriage lawyers. They surround you and can be easily approached. A marriage lawyer in UAE. has the responsibility of registering the newlywed couple in the documentation and drafting a marriage contract for them.

In every community, there are a lot of festivities and gatherings to celebrate marriage. A marriage lawyer becomes part of them and contributes to making the legal process easier for the couple. This way, a lot of time is saved.

Marriage Lawyer- Source of Guidance 

Before you get married, there is a series of multiple rules that need to be followed. Along with this is a heap of documents that need to be filled and submitted. If you are an expatriate, things will be more difficult for you.

A marriage law expert in UAE guides you through the entire process and makes your life easier. You will be considered to be blessed for having a marriage lawyer near you around the time of your wedding.

Marriage Attorney Near Me Helped Me With Documentation

A marriage solicitor in Dubai makes sure you have all your documents ready before getting married. Otherwise, the marriage cannot be held. Following is a list of all documents needed at the time of marriage.

  • A marriage lawyer in Dubai takes the bride’s approval in written form. Some marriage attorneys also ask for the Groom’s approval.
  • A marriage lawyer makes sure that the marriage form has been filed timely.
  • An affidavit by the couple is also required, which is then attested by the consulate.
  • A marriage lawyer makes sure to attach passport size photographs of the couple
  • Either one of the husband or wife must have a U.A.E visa
  • The results of a medical screening test are also required before the marriage can be finalized. A marriage lawyer makes sure an authorized agency has issued them.
  • There are specific documents for witnesses too that need to be filed.

Some other Rules and Regulations

If a person belongs to a foreign country, a marriage lawyer asks them for their passports. Also, those visiting Dubai on a visit visa must undergo a complete medical checkup and have proof of witness issued by a doctor.

Conditions Set By a Marriage Lawyer

In Dubai, there are several rules and conditions before one gets married. A marriage law expert ensures that the people adhere to the laws. It applies to all foreigners as well as the nationals.

Some of the requirements have been stated as such:

  • Some of the same genders are not eligible to marry in U.A.E. A marriage lawyer strongly opposes this.
  • Legal documentation is necessary for considering a marriage lawful. A marriage lawyer mainly does this documentation.
  • Muslim residing in Dubai need to get registered in their respective city
  • Non-Muslims have to follow the rules of their respective consulates and embassies
  • Online registration must be done before going for a court marriage.
  • People under 18 years of age must seek consent from the Chief Justice of Personal Status

Summing Laws Up

For a marriage to be legal, specific requirements are there that need to be fulfilled. A marriage lawyer in Dubai does his best to make matters easy for their clients.

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