Avi Bitton Law Firm

Paris, France Criminal, Employment, Business and Personal Injury Lawyers

Avi Bitton Law Firm is located in Paris, France and comprised of eight lawyers and five jurists who concentrate in French and international employment law, intellectual property, business law, personal injury, and criminal law. Practice areas include French and international commercial law, intellectual property law, employment law, personal injury law and criminal law, in various industry sectors (new technologies, entertainment, publishing, clothing, financial services, etc).

Lawyer Avi Bitton has been elected as a Representative of the Bar Council, which is the official regulatory and disciplinary authority of the Paris Bar, and as a Representative to the National Council of the French Bars, which is the official authority representing the lawyers profession. The firm often publishes articles or comments on cases in the media, national or international, with clients’ approval.

Founded in 2005, Avi Bitton Law Firm has advised and defended more than 2,000 clients, particularly companies, embassies and consulates, trade unions, non-for-profit organizations, families, employees, and authors (journalists, photographers, musicians, etc). The firm works on a regular basis in cooperation with foreign law firms, particularly in Canada and United Kingdom.

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