D&C Legal Services

Full- Service Law Firm in Doha, Qatar

D&C Legal Services provides a wide range of legal services in many fields, such as incorporation and foreign investment, banking and finance, international trade and customs, maritime law, insurance & reinsurance, tax law, labor law, franchise and licensing, corporate, arbitration, intellectual property, and real estate.

D&C Legal Services is constituted of a team of various and distinct lawyers who are all specialized in their own legal field, and qualified within their own local jurisdictions, the matter that ensures to our clients premium and specialized legal services provided by qualified and well-experienced lawyers each based on his own legal specialization and within his own local jurisdiction.

Our extensive lawyers’ experience in the law domain and our full understanding of the market put us in the best position to advise our clients for the appropriate form of their business and to provide them with the premium solution to eliminate any legal obstacle. At D&C Legal Services we spare no efforts in order to meet our client’s expectations and to develop our client database ranging from the smallest private businesses to the biggest multinational foreign company in the world of business and trade.

D&C Legal Services is an association of a highly professional and qualified team of lawyers, attorneys and law firms who are able to work in several languages allowing us to communicate easily with international clients.

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