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With the expertise of our international debt collection law business, foreign debt collection has never been that easier. Because we approach your debtor in their native language with our in-house professionals, we can overcome any language, cultural, and legal barriers.

No debtor can hide from us when we are standing by your side. You won’t have to pay off your debts or waste time and money on a never-ending legal battle. Learn more about what we can do for you by contacting us right now to get started.

No Win No Fee

The best thing on a No Win No Fee basis, we can resolve 95% of our cases. If your debtor does not pay during this time, we will continue our attempts. Our attorneys are familiar with both domestic and foreign debt collection laws, allowing us to represent you in court if necessary.


Are you dealing with international creditors that either pay late or refuse to pay at all? Collecting unpaid invoices isn’t always as simple as it seems. Foreign debt collection can be challenging due to the diverse international debt collection laws and methods. Our experts explain how foreign debt collection works and what you may expect once your case has been transferred.

Catalog of countries covering international debt collection

The following is a list of countries that deal with international debt collection.

  • Debt Collection Albania
  • Debt Collection Andorra
  • Debt Collection Austria
  • Debt Collection Belarus
  • Debt Collection Belgium
  • Debt Collection Bosnia
  • Debt Collection Bulgaria
  • Debt Collection Croatia
  • Debt Collection Cyprus
  • Debt Collection Czech Republic
  • Debt Collection Denmark
  • Debt Collection Estonia
  • Debt Collection Finland
  • Debt Collection France
  • Debt Collection Georgia
  • Debt Collection Germany
  • Debt Collection Greece
  • Debt Collection Hungary
  • Debt Collection Iceland
  • Debt Collection Ireland
  • Debt Collection Italy
  • Debt Collection Kosovo
  • Debt Collection Latvia
  • Debt Collection Liechtenstein
  • Debt Collection Lithuania
  • Debt Collection Luxembourg
  • Debt Collection Macedonia
  • Debt Collection Malta
  • Debt Collection Moldavia
  • Debt Collection Monaco
  • Debt Collection Montenegro
  • Debt Collection Netherlands
  • Debt Collection Northern Ireland
  • Debt Collection Norway
  • Debt Collection Scotland
  • Debt Collection Serbia
  • Debt Collection Slovakia
  • Debt Collection Slovenia
  • Debt Collection Spain
  • Debt Collection Sweden
  • Debt Collection Switzerland
  • Debt Collection Turkey

Legal action is being taken against your overseas debtor

If your debtor does not react or rejects the claim, we can take the matter to court with your permission. We undertake a feasibility analysis to examine your debtor’s financial status before proceeding. This enables us to decide whether legal action is necessary to resolve your foreign debt collection matter.

The competent court and applicable law will also be taken into account by your assigned debt collection lawyer. We’ll decide the best line of action for resolving your payment dispute based on these two facts.

What laws are followed when proceeding with international

Debt collection?

If legal action is required, it is crucial to remember that each country’s debt collecting legislation and regulations are different. Debt collection rules range from country to country, as does the length of court proceedings. Our native debt collection specialists and lawyers have the experience of collecting your overseas debt.

Get yourself out from debt bypassing all the below phases

We have assisted thousands of companies with their debt recovery lawsuits. We want to help businesses improve their payment practices while simultaneously sharing our knowledge and skills with those in need. We intend to enhance the payment behavior of businesses of all sizes, from tiny firms to giants, by doing so. That is why we want to share our knowledge and show you how to recover your payment in 5 easy steps. on a never-ending case

Phase 1: Write a demand letter to your debtor.

If the payment time has elapsed and your debtor has not finished the payment, the first thing you should take is to write a demand letter. You tell the debtor of the outstanding money and suggest that they pay via a demand letter.

A demand letter must meet several requirements. The more professionally drafted the demand letter is, the more likely the debtor will pay. As a result, our professionals have prepared many templates for you. These templates have a framework that you may utilize as well as helpful hints on how to create each letter.

Phase 2: Make contact with your debtor.

If your debtor still does not react, the next step is to contact them by phone. We’ve noticed that many creditors skip this stage, based on our experience. By conversing with your debtor, you increase engagement and have the opportunity to learn why the invoice was not paid. Understanding this will assist you in determining the next steps that must be taken. Here are some of the best tips for calling your debtor.

Phase 3: Send a payment reminder to the customer.

If calling your debtor in the above phase fails, we propose sending the last payment reminder to your debtor. This will provide your debtor with one last opportunity to pay the outstanding invoice. The tone is frequently far more formal than the initial demand letter you submitted. Various elements must be addressed in a well-written final payment reminder.

Phase 4: Transfer your debt collecting case to a new attorney.

If none of these approaches yields a payment, you may need to resort to more drastic measures. First and foremost, it is critical to respond quickly. This demonstrates to your debtor that you are serious about debtor management. The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to recover an invoice, according to our experience. Furthermore, waiting too long may result in your invoice expiring. Using our online transfer form, you can effortlessly move your case. We will begin processing your case as soon as you have uploaded your claim. A demand letter will be sent to your debtor the next working day.

Phase 5: We begin to work for you right away.

We will immediately begin working on your case once you have passed it to us. We take care of all of your worries, and you don’t have to do anything. Our debt collectors and attorneys never give up after a single effort. We take things to the next level and will do all we can to recoup the full amount of your payment.

You can check the status of your case via our online web portal at any time during the debt collection procedure. Of course, we’ll be in regular communication with you during the life of your case.