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Juris Excel Cabinet d’Avocat


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Juris Excel Cabinet d’Avocat Law firm in Béziers, professionals for the defense of your rights

Juris Excel Cabinet d’Avocat provides a one-stop solution to provide legit services to professionals and defense their rights in a professional way There are noble and just causes, there are others which are less so. The Lawyer does not have to please or displease, he must do his duty: to ensure that no one remains helpless.

Taking into account the complexity of the judicial and legal worlds, who better than a lawyer specializing in law to ensure your defense.

Juris Excel Cabinet d’ avocat is at your disposal and available for you.

Composed of three lawyers, Maître Jean Phalippou, Maître Fabienne Mignen Herreman, Maître Hiault Spitzer, each with more than 20 years of experience, Juris Excell was created to meet the legal and judicial needs of individuals, businesses, associations or even local authorities.

Combining its skills and know-how, it is with professionalism and pugnacity that Juris Excel Cabinet d’Avocat represents its clients before administrative and judicial jurisdictions, and fulfills its advisory role.