Prem Narayan Legal Practitioner

Prem Narayan Legal Practitioner

Prem Narayan graduated from the Victoria University of Wellington in 1996. I was admitted on the 7 February at the High Court of New Zealand and subsequently on 4th July at the High Court of Fiji
Almost everything we do is affected by the Law – purchasing a car, driving a vehicle, purchasing a house, getting divorced, preparing a will. Therefore good lawyers are retained.
Prem Narayan Legal Practitioner set up her office on 28 February 2002 which is in the heart of Suva City.
My vision was to be a Techno Savvy Law Firm that was branded for its confidence and finesse
Every relationship is based on trust. Without trust, the relationship cannot develop. The relationship between the solicitor and the client is one of Trust.

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What is disclosed to the solicitor is protected by solicitor-client privilege and remains confidential for time indefinite-that is until the solicitor is no longer living? It is important that you know that the information that you disclose is confidential and remains so for the rest of my life.
The role of the Advocate is to protect the interest of the client within the confines of the law. It is important that you are aware of the issues that would arise and be able to form a strategy to deal with them now rather than later – being prepared in advance is half the battle won and litigation is a costly battle.

Gold is a currency and we all know how expensive gold is. A good architect designs your house once for no one likes an architect who keeps changing the plan it is a costly exercise. Competent legal advice is important and invaluable as it keeps all life simple and stress-free. I ensure that you are aware of the costs likely to incur and be prepared to budget for your legal expenses.

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