Western Law Group LLC is a Colorado-based law firm specializing in community association law, offering comprehensive legal representation in all areas of community association law. Our focus is on preventive aspects of the operational procedures of homeowner associations, and the interpretation of governing documents. We develop methods for associations to operate and communicate with a level of efficiency that enhances a sense of community. We also encourage open communication between the owners, board of directors, and management companies to resolve conflicts prior to legal action.

Western Law Group Approach

Western Law Group offers a consistent, effective, and successful representation of community associations, taking a genuine interest in the unique requirements of each client. We demand excellence of ourselves and deliver customized solutions to those we serve. We are proud to have a staff that can handle all aspects of community association law, from collection and covenant enforcement cases to any type of case a community association may experience. Our pledge to our clients is to deliver the highest quality legal services that a community association should expect from a law firm specializing in homeowner association laws.

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We view our role as problem solvers, anticipating potential issues, and preventing liabilities. Cutting through the legalese, we offer clear, concise answers. Western Law Group business model focuses on maintaining open communication, and we do not charge for email correspondence or phone calls between our firm and property managers and or board Presidents under retainer.