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Gratuity Calculator Dubai Claimed

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Gratuity Calculator UAE | Discussions about employment, labour laws, and trade are incomplete unless the UAE is not talked over. Being the new hub of trade, Dubai has opened new doors of opportunities to local and foreign workers. UAE labour gratuity calculator helps estimate the gratuity amount as per employee’s salary.

The strict rules and regulations of Dubai are significant in smooth workforce management. Policies are devised to assist the employees thus giving them a fine sum of money. This pecuniary subsidy is rewarded for the services employee has been providing for the good of the organization.

Significance of Gratuity Calculator in UAE

Gratuity is referred to as End of Service (EOSB) in UAE. Expats working in Dubai are not rewarded with a pension but a fine sum of EOSB is set aside for them. UAE Federal Labour Law states that each worker must be entitled to gratuity payment if they meet the criteria at the end of their service tenure.

Companies use the UAE labour Gratuity Calculator in UAE to evaluate the amount of money to be given as a salary component. Businesses usually hand over this job to their finance team and hire legal consultants to devise the plan as per laws. Gratuity is rewarded after the employee completes one year service.

Gratuity depends upon the type of contract and the reason why an employee is leaving the organization. UAE provides 2 types of contracts to every organization:

  1. Limited Contract 

Employees sign an agreement for a particular time whereas the company and the worker are allowed to terminate or extend the contract

  1. Unlimited Contract

Employees are not bound to work for a specific period but both parties can sign a mutual agreement allowing employees to work as long as he wants.

How to calculate gratuity in Dubai?

The laws of UAE calculate gratuity depends upon what kind of contract was signed between both parties. Different clauses are signed as per the type of contract so it has a huge impact on salary and gratuity calculations. Gratuity calculator Dubai for different contract types could be used as:

Limited Contract Gratuity Calculator in UAE

  • Calculate per day salary of the employee
  • Multiply the wage with 21 or 30 (as per years of service)
  • Results show the annual gratuity
  • Multiply annual gratuity with years of service
  • Final results are the gratuity to be rewarded

The number of years an employee worked in an organization impacts the limited contract gratuity calculation. If a person has worked for more than 1 year in any firm then 21 days wage is considered for each for gratuity calculation Dubai. For employee service for more than 5 years, 30 days salary is considered each year.

Unlimited Contract Gratuity Calculator UAE

  • Calculate per day salary of the employee
  • Multiply the wage it with 21 or 30 (as per years of service)
  • Results show annual gratuity
  • Compute ⅓ or ⅔ of the annual gratuity as per the tenure
  • Multiply annual gratuity with years of service
  • Final results are the gratuity amount for unlimited contracts

The number of years an employee works in a firm greatly impacts the gratuity he will be awarded in the future. For 1-3 years of service, ⅓ of the 21 days wage is considered. The salary consideration for employees working more than 3 and less than 5 years is ⅔ of 21 days wage

Employees who have unlimited contracts and keep working in a firm for more than 5 years get gratuity as per salary consideration for 30 days. These rules must be followed by all kinds of businesses operating within the premises of UAE. Companies come under legal allegations if they falsely compute gratuity.

Eligibility Requirements for Gratuity

Gratuity calculations are made by the policies of UAE so do the laws are applicable for the employees receiving the gratuity amount. If a person fails to abide by the employment and gratuity laws of UAE, he might lose the opportunity to get a service gratuity. You can save yourself from such subjects by:

  • Do not leave the company until the years mentioned in the limited contract are completed. Gratuity is not offered unless a worker completes more than 5 years in any firm.
  • Do not leave the company without prior notice
  • Submit original documents as fake information leads to gratuity loss
  • DO not make any damage to the company assets
  • Perform your duties wholeheartedly during your service at the company

UAE calculates gratuity differently for employees who resign or get terminated by the firm. 30 days wage is considered for employees who are terminated with zero complaints. However, the terms of gratuity are different for resignations. It might be possible that a worker would not get for leaving the firm before time.

5 Rules for Gratuity Calculator Dubai 

UAE labour contract gratuity calculator estimates the gratuity amounts by fair means. There should not be any prejudicial measures for unlimited contract gratuity limited contract gratuity calculation. The query of how to calculate gratuity in Dubai as per the laws could be answered correctly using the subsequent points

  • The worker who has served the company for less than a year is not eligible for gratuity.
  • Foreign residents working in UAE can apply for gratuity but they are not eligible for the pension.
  • UAE Labour Law Article 132 states that gratuity will not be offered for more than 2 years’ wage
  • As per Article 34 of UAW Labour Law, basic salary should be considered for gratuity calculations. Allowances including food, medical, transport, and others should not be added.
  • UAW Labour Law- Article 135 states that if a worker takes a loan from the firm than an employer is allowed to deduct the loan amount from gratuity

Gratuity amounts are different as per the license type, the reason for leaving the firm, and the number of years an employee works in any organization. This amount is not a part of the salary but provided at the end of service. Gratuity provided to employees in the UAE comforts them to support themselves financially.

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