Arida Law Firm Overview

Arida Law Firm, located in Amman, Jordan, provides legal services to residents of Jordan and the international business community. Our practice areas include civil litigation and arbitration, corporate law, bankruptcy, collection, criminal defense, construction law, energy and environmental law, foreign investments, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, family law, insurance, real estate, tax, intellectual property, and legal translation.

Attorney Hani Arida has been helping businesses, families, individuals, and entrepreneurs since 1973, and the firm is bar-certified. Our wide range of overlapping specialties allows us to provide cohesive and comprehensive representation to our clients. Our team of lawyers has the depth of expertise and skill to provide quality counsel and dedicated representation in a variety of matters.

Arida Law Firm takes a rigorous intellectual approach to the law and is committed to delivering its best resources, attention, and service to clients in resolving disputes and helping achieve their legal and business goals.

Arida Law Firm

Arida Law Firm Jordan is a trusted and reliable name in the Law firm industry. We are fully dedicated to providing reliable services to our clients. Our quality services will ensure clients’ success and maintain optimal efficiency while keeping information safe and sound. Lawyers in Jordan are dealing with all services, including Debt collection. Debt Collection Agency Jordan is focused on getting  minimal amount of time possible through a variety of avenues, including finding work. Allow us to guide you carefully through the process from start to finish.

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