Cabinet Menard Lemithe

Representing Corporations and Individuals on Civil, Criminal and Corporate Matters

Cabinet Menard-Lemithe Overview

Cabinet Menard-Lemithe is located in Haiti, Petion-Ville and represents corporations and individuals in Civil, Criminal, and Corporate Matters. Practice areas include civil rights, divorce and family law, commercial and corporate law, banking, immigration, criminal law, trademarks, telecommunications law, employment and labor, property and real estate, administrative and public law, and more. The firm also provides consulting in the areas of bids, translation, lobbying, due diligence, and other services.

The Partners of Cabinet Menard-Lemithe are all fluent in French, English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole, allowing them to serve a broad range of clients. The firm operates with a results-based approach, reinforced by the diverse legal knowledge and experience of its team, and its network of key contacts.

The partners, associates, specialized consultants, and other staff of Cabinet Menard-Lemithe are dedicated to excellence in service while working to meet clients’ needs. Through litigation or arbitration and other dispute resolution, the firm assists clients throughout the various stages of their legal matters while being a company with an energizing and refreshing attitude that also aims to be reliable and effectively professional.

Benefits of Hiring Cabinet Menard-Lemithe

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