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Intellectual Property, Patents, Trademarks and Copyright Law Firm in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Casco & Casco Overview

Casco & Casco is a specialized Law Firm division in the area of Intellectual Property in the interior of the Firm Casco & Asociados founded by Dr. Andrea Casco Rivera in 1943, who designed a law office dedicated to law services in general, notary litigation; actually Bufete Casco & Asociados renders services to the local and international community in the areas of commercial law, contracts, civil responsibility, arbitration, and conciliation.

The division of Intellectual Property matters in our family tradition creates the denomination of this firm S.A. who rapidly expanded representing important North American, European, Asian, and Latin American companies exclusively dedicated to the protection of industrial property.

The Firm is actually handled by Lesbia R. partner, co-founder and by partners, Tania and Andrea of with a range of attorneys specialized in this matter.

This Law Firm with many years of experience specializing in Intellectual Property provides, full-service representation in every aspect of domestic Intellectual property. We represent a broad range of clients from the most prestigious companies in the world. We have earned a national reputation history for successful resolutions in expedite litigation, for complex disputes regarding Intellectual Property.

Our Law Firm offer a wealth experience in a variety of Intellectual Property areas including preliminary studies and opinions with a special emphasis in the areas of patent, trademark, and copyright, counseling, and protection, sanitary registration, pharmaceutical protection, unfair competition, arbitration conciliation, licensing agreements and litigation.

By defending and maintaining our client’s matters we preserve the value of their property and trademarks.
Our goal is to continue offering our clients the best services by delivering positive results building long-lasting relations in order for our firm- the family tradition continues from generation to generation.

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