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Nigel Jones & Co. Overview

Nigel Jones & Co is a results-driven law firm with expertise in several areas. With offices in Kingston, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Mandeville, May Pen, and Portmore, Nigel Jones & Company provides assistance to local and foreign corporations and high net worth individuals doing business in Jamaica. The size of our firm allows us to provide specialized and personal services to these clients.

team of professionals has the experience of having worked within the public and private sectors. Our Attorneys have benefited from these experiences and from training from the Best Law Schools. Our support staff is made up primarily of university graduates, guaranteeing our clients the best quality service at all levels.

Nigel Jones & Co is a leader in innovative billing arrangements. Clients want their lawsuits settled expeditiously, economically, and efficiently. We assess the needs of our clients and work out the most suitable and mutually beneficial arrangement. In that regard, we are a viable alternative to firms that have fixed and traditional fee arrangements. Inappropriate cases our firm offers blended rates, volume discounts, flat fees, contingency fees, capped rates, hourly rates, and more.

The nature of our services includes increased responsiveness, greater value, greater flexibility, more predictable fees, and excellent service.

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1 Review for Nigel Jones & Co.

Subject: WARNING – Avoid Nigel Jones & Company at All Costs!

I am writing to warn others about my nightmarish experience with Nigel Jones & Company. This firm’s unethical practices, poor communication, and lack of accountability make them unfit for legal representation. They asked me to pay 100,000 JMD as a retainer after paying $12,000 consultation fee. After paying this, Jovell Barrett sent one email with misspelt words and I immediately knew they do not take pride in their work. I reached out to Jovell Barrett to let him know about the mistake and we immediately couldnt get access to him as we did before we paid. My assistant help going to his office but would keep getting the run around that he was on lunch, out of the country or in court. I then decided to cancel this contract and asked for a refund. Despite numerous attempts on my part to request termination of our contract since December 29th, there has been a notable absence of progress or acknowledgment from their end. Instead, most of our interactions, whether through calls or emails, have revolved around my repeated inquiries regarding contract termination and the refund of the retainer fee. As if their incompetence wasn’t enough, attempting to communicate with Nigel Jones & Company was an exercise in frustration. They ignored my calls and emails, showing a blatant disregard for my concerns and requests for contract termination. Furthermore, when I escalated the matter to the office manager, expecting some semblance of professionalism, I was sorely disappointed. Instead of addressing my grievances, they too engaged in the same evasive tactics, leaving me feeling helpless and infuriated. To add insult to injury, Nigel Jones & Company decided that for sending the email and reaching out to cancel the contract, it would cost $100,000 JMD, which is my entire retainer, plus I owe them $13,914 JMD. This exploitative behavior is unconscionable and further demonstrates their lack of integrity and respect for their clients. Imagine that – you have a problem, you pay them to help you, and they create another problem! It’s absolutely disgusting! In response to this gross mistreatment, I am taking to every and all social media platforms to warn others about how horrible this company is. I will not rest until I receive a refund of my money and justice is served. In conclusion, Nigel Jones & Company is not only incompetent, deceptive, exploitative, and disgusting but also unworthy of any trust or respect. They lack the expertise, transparency, and professionalism one would expect from a reputable legal firm. I implore anyone in need of legal services to steer clear of Nigel Jones & Company and seek assistance elsewhere.

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